Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Don't worry sunshine is around the corner

Well, fingers crossed, hey! I'm sure it is, we'll all be able to dust off those sandals and pretty frocks soon enough. However given we are not tripping the light fantastic with those heady days of after works drinks to relish the warmer weather, why not get some preparation in instead.

What really makes a look is the finishing touches and for starters the lovely Mrs Fab has a wonderful DIY Pedi post on her blog. 
Now is also the time to get your hair cut and apply a hair treatment to get it in great glossy mane shape. Why not apply a home made potion on you locks. Sali Hughes did a great review of hair masks for all budgets in The Guardian

When it comes to your wardrobe I suggest you really re-evaluate what you have and get rid of any items you are never going to wear again. These are usually items which are worn and need repairing or you've had them since 1994 and seriously you are never going to wear them again.

Make a list of what you need and look for items that are discounted or wait for the sale as they will be very soon as retailers have been badly affected by the weather and are going to want to shift stock.

In the meantime you can help me decide which sandals to buy. The choice is between a pair from New Look (top) or Zara (bottom) and no I can't get both! Please leave your vote in the comments box as I seem to be inept at adding a voting button below!

Update: I put a voting thingy on the side!
UPDATED Update: 66% of you said 'aye' to the Zara ones. Thank you for helping me in my shoe hour of need. I ordered the Zara sandals into my local Zara store in Kingston. The order into store thingy is marvellous btw!


  1. I voted for Zara and thank you for the link honey x

  2. I made my vote, definitely Zara and thanks for the tips, I need to weed out my wardrobe.xx


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