Friday, 11 May 2012

High St Pick of the Week

Betwixt and between is the sum total of our wardrobe experience at the moment. The idea of skimpy summer clothes seems unimaginable as downpours, cool winds and meagre sunshine are the current order of the day. Retailers have been suffering with appalling April monthly figures due to the weather. Normally you would be inspired or carried away in the heat of the moment, sunshine gives people hope and you would be happy to add a few summer pieces to your wardrobe as part of the longer days and warmer months.

When it is like this, forget fashion as a trend moment and look to build some useful additions that have longevity. Basics, layering items or anything useful that you feel is missing from your wardrobe that can pull looks together.

The cardigan is one such item that falls into the exceedingly useful bracket. It's versatility lies in its ability to be worn as a layer of warmth which can easily be put on or taken off. To act as a jacket or cape. Add a skinny belt over an open v neck cardigan and it has more structure and formality. Wear a cardigan over your shoulders and it says 'nonchalant' in many ways. It can when buttoned up pose as jumper and when only half buttoned up it is exploring it's options as a style item. A crew neck, a boyfriend and a v-neck is all you need.

To add variety a Breton style cardigan can add the X Factor to an outfit. A step away from the traditional top or jumper, it is to be enjoyed for work or weekend. Isabella Oliver 365 Collection are a good stop for quality and cut so your cardigan has legs in years of wear.


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