Thursday, 17 May 2012

Metal Guru

Yes I know it is all about diamond and gold this season what with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and a bit of gold fever for the fashionistas (that includes you Mrs Fab) but I had a sudden nostalgia for silver. Why I was a mere flag waving child when the Queen did her Silver Jubilee tour as my late Grandma held my hand. Not only that it was a lovely summer, yes a proper sun shining one.

Bring back silver I say and pray for a heat wave effect. And where better to get your silverware than at the temple of Boden. Yes, yes my conversion (thanks to Mrs H of Borth) to Boden still stands, the quality, the price points for most items and the reader reviews are a winning combination in these days of austerity fever and buying items for longevity. I've selected 3 useful items to wear all at once if you fancy with a white tee, a scarf or necklace and a pair of jeans. Shake off the shackles of fashion dictates and embrace your inner metal guru with silver.

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  1. Love a bit of Marc Bolan and those silver sandals are cute

  2. I remember my silver jubilee leather bookmark I got from school and yes 1977 there was a proper heatwave in the UK (those were the days) last one was probably 2006...I remember something HArdy Aimes said at a fashion lecture that silver was for the dining table LOL but these picks are great even the very surprising Boden one have you forgiven Johnny?

  3. I always like silver but would rather like some diamonds too!

  4. The messenger bag is really cute.


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