Monday, 14 May 2012

Fashion & Politics a Nautical issue

There is something about tradition when it comes to fashion that gives us certainty. Nothing carries a greater sense of tradition in terms of work and fashion than the Breton stripy tee. It's reference with the sea, sailors and fishermen was appropriated by the grand dame of fashion Coco Chanel as she modernised the dress codes of women. There's not many of us who at one time or another who haven't adopted a white trouser with deck shoes and stripy tee look. For some it is the default look albeit updated now with skinny jeans, boots or converse and a black jacket.

And as it is a tradition of the fash pack, might we not be called upon to assist the future fortunes of sea faring folk by signing an e-petition to save the closure of Coastguard stations. Their work will be transferred to call centres. I know who dreams up these things. The poor Coastguards are desperately fighting a proposed modernisation that in fashion terms is akin to removing the stripy tee in all its permutations and insisting we make do with something else instead - imagine!

Let's stand up for the tradition that gave us the stripy top and sign the e-petition to stop the closures


  1. Oh you know how I love a stripey tee! I will sign the e petition x

  2. Thank you - it is one of those little causes that get lost in the big picture and slips under the net!

  3. I will definitely sign the petition. Unfortunately as a Seaside town, Blackpool has seen many tragedies of people being lost at sea, we can't reduce our coastguards, more lives could be lost. xx

    1. I know! Seems silly to mess with it all. xx


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