Saturday, 26 January 2008

Channeling the land girls

Gordon Bennett this allotment thing is quite a task. Trust bloody Jamie to make it seem all chipper and a good lark. All I did today was mark out the plot with sticks and string - hardly taxing.

Granted, the sunshine and fresh air was a tonic in itself. And yes there was allotment bon aimee - lots of hellos and name introductions - so quite a community feel. I was suitably attired in hunters, a nice gentry jacket and some old Miu Miu sunnies. All in all it felt good but the sight of old carpets and tons of brambles with nothing but hands and grit to move them is quite a feat. Hubbie and I have drawn lots on shift work. Gone are my ideas of Margo head scarves - more like Amy Winehouse putting out the bins!

It is making a shopping session on Oxford Street with a client looking like a walk in the park. If you see a bossy stylist with what looks like a bramble attached in a random fashion - you'll know its me.

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