Sunday, 20 January 2008

Creative influence

So far this year has been about practical influence - getting one's house in order. A fresh and frugal start to the year. What with an allotment and baking bread a reader of this blog could be forgiven that I'm more likely to be found sporting dirt under nails than Chanel's White Satin on them. Actually, today I'm wearing Blue Satin, with a dusting of Azur (#465) for added sparkle in these dreary days of January.

Trawling through the magazines and some shop stock checks, I'm finding my creative fix hard going with the exception of nail polish experimentation. I'm wanting to embrace S/S 08 but in reality I'm not sure there is much to really embrace. I will as usual plumb for a 1930's/1970's influence whatever this season's new name for this reworked and reworked trend is. Call it Miami, Riviera or Studio 54 - it all boils down to a few key items, wide leg trews, stripe number, hooped earrings, a white sac or tote/basket, bejewelled thonged flats and some great shades. The two main inspirational interpretations this season are Atonement (ref that dress) and Charlie Girl (ref 1970s perfume ad). With the re-emergence of Halston as a brand you choose hippy chic, out of Africa prints, Japanese influence and surrealism (strange prints) to be radical.

Happily this season leaves you with lots of choice with colour, (yellow to beige to lilac for starters) fabric (sheer and flowing) and the odd splash of florals as a nod to the knowing (pleats a la sportswear might be a step too far, more P&O Cruise than Great Gatsby). You can choose gold and try some prints (think Marni esque) as if Jackie O wafting through Capri/St Tropez/Greek Island.

I like to think of myself as a modern tomboy with a penchant for lady like elegance, this would render me fairly conservative and predictable if it wasn't for some inner Patricia Field given to statements and ensembles which are more am dram at times than sartorial statement. I am probably the only person I know who this season would wear a floral jumpsuit/all in one without a care in the world - and last season I was muted by several friends as the person most likely to wear the Prada turban, either hoovering or shopping at the greengrocers. Yet I've been hard pressed to get back my fashion mojo which I need to sharpish for work!

I've been living off my wits and have had only one trusted friend for shopping/outfit debates - that is until the world of blogging opened before my very eyes. Oh joy the day of discovering Mrs Fashion, useful tips from Flashy Shades and detail and information of Style Bubble. They provide me with food for thought and have woken me from my slumber of seeds and yeast to galvanise me.

Today was out with the old -a few worn items and a check on my trusty spring, summer items packed away so carefully in September. A few key items will update the lot and with the right sunglasses choice, thank you Erin, some healthy views of Susie-Bubble and the darn delights of Mrs F I'm feeling quite chipper about it if only I could find the perfect dress.....

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