Saturday, 19 January 2008

Flexible Friend

In the interests of saving money without compromising on style, product testing is vital to check usability against relevance. It is no good buying a cheap mascara if it looks awful, feels awful and reduces your lashes in the process of application.

To date, I have been very loathed to compromise on mascara. At the least I'd go down to Clarins or Lancombe. At my height of splurging I fell in love with Chantecaille's silky little wand thanks to Space NK.
So when a helpful fellow mascara devotee mentioned Maybelline's define-a-lash, I was sceptical.
The price was right - it's currently discounted in Boots, retailing approx for £5.70 although r.r.p is £7.89. And after reading the blurb I woke up and applied the mascara. It is great!

Basically the mascaras is made of the IFX rubber they have on Max Factor's masterpiece mascaras (yes well random science smonkeiness). The Maybelline define -a-lash brush has a very slight curve in the straight brush. It's also loaded with spiky rubber spikes to properly separate the lashes. Oh the tube also only lets out the perfect amount of mascara on the brush, so unlike Rimmel mascaras you won't pull out a gloopy string of the stuff.
The mascara is the right consistency for at least three coats of mascara . I would like to point out that this is a lengthening mascara not volumising... it would be god sent if it could do both. However you can create more volume if you curl the lashes before hand. All said and done for a high street offering you can't go wrong.

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