Thursday, 17 January 2008

Johnnie Boden is back!

After a couple of weeks of all quiet in my in box - (well who gets email these days when you're on Facebook?) Johnnie couldn't resist and proudly proclaimed the arrival of his new collection. God the man is prolific - pages and pages of the stuff.

I happily played buy the item (mentally, no parting with money!) and within minutes I'd racked up over £300 worth of stuff with a pair of Prussian blue leather slides, pale denim wide leg jeans, a jersey crinkle shirt in rose. A stripey long tee and a stripey vest top. Adding a navy grainy leather handbag, a tank top in orange and a turquoise halter neck bikini top and bottoms I was all packed ready for me to have a sunny weekend away. Just add passport, a skirt and a towel plus toiletries.

That done I felt quite cheered up on a miserable blustery January morning. Wrapping my 100% pashmina round me while I Bodened out for 5 mins was even nicer.

Best place for reasonable top quality ones.

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  1. Ha ha what fun and no money spent!


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