Friday, 18 January 2008

Easy tiger!

Sometimes I read about a new direction or the latest thing and completely dismiss it - nope, no way, never. In the back of my mind Vogue muttered something about pale denim. In fact any number of fashion editors or columnists might have been alluding to the new look for denim and I've happily ignored them.

Pale Blue Hulsey Glides by Sass and Bide

In fairness pale denim does have a poor history, most notably in M&S and BHS, both specialists in the high waisted, large cut, straight legged pale denim number in size 16 and over. I've witness many a person rave over these shapeless numbers as they opt for comfort over style. These women love the fact M&S do jeans in a size 20. I spend countless hours willing myself not to comment, look and concentrate on my client who is trying on some Limited Collection number, as I'm stood in the changing rooms in Marble Arch. I don't think I can set foot in M&S again, as too many dear old ladies ask me does their bum look alright in their shapeless trousers. I'm always telling them to go down a size! I don't flatter myself they are asking me because I'm a stylist. Nope its mainly because I'm there and in their radar or they think I'm staff.

The other barrier to pale denim is my next door neighbour. He is Ray Winstone. Well, actually he's a character Ray Winstone has/would play. My neighbour is a right Cockney geezer, runs a pub in Fulham, traditional number, does karaoke for the punters, his exercise of choice is boxing and he's definitely ducked and dived. He wears very pale denim jeans, straight legged almost tapered. They fit and he's not a fat boy. OK so the trainers and black leather jacket don't help. The first time I saw him in said ensemble I was visibly shocked to the trained eye, hence blanking out the whole move towards pale denim.

This summer I am likely to be sporting a pair but I'll start cheap as chips with some skinny ones from UNIQLO at £24.99. Worn with wedge espadrilles and a nice tee it should come together alright. Best check before I step out in them - don't want next door complimenting me on my jeans!

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