Sunday, 27 January 2008


There is nothing like a trawl through the Daily Mail to cheer you up. A paper full of sniping at rich and poor alike. The paper has no fewer than 6 Facebook groups dedicated to taking the mickey of said daily. My favourite is their current obsession with Zac Goldsmith. Take a peek at this latest article on his supposed womanising ways.

It all makes me glad of my blissful unexposed lifestyle. Who cares what I'm doing or what I'm wearing. I can potter about at the allotment, shop for a client and make a loaf or two without a second thought. I actually am really not interested in the life of Mr Goldsmith but the surmising and commentary on him is fascinating because it is so sniffy and pompous. It seems the Daily Mail are hellbent on destroying people's marriages whilst equally condemning those who stray/divorce.

I'm sure Zac Goldsmith's only vice is being a bit of a posh, rich cheesecloth loving homemade bread maker who encourages people to think about the environment.

I don't listen to the wealthy and loaded - it's to easy to preach when you've got a health bank balance. Far harder to strive for better things while balancing the household budget. I, as a poor cheesecloth loving homemade bread maker can't be bothered to tell people what to do unless it concerns their wardrobe and shopping habits - then I'm particularly bossy and come across as a bit Daily Mail.

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