Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A Helping Hand....

Warehouse have a line called Retro Chic. In the midst of this nothingness is a red dress that immediately made me think of Katharine Hepburn and a film she made in Venice in 1955 called Summertime. It is one of my favourite films to while away an afternoon with, along with Aunt Mamie. Both utterly trivial and great fun.
It is a shirt dress and has a lovely wide skirt - the only image I could get of it was the black version. At £45 it seems a good buy or is it? Does this dress look out of step with the modern cuts we've become accustomed to? Am I just lovin' it on the basis of Ms.Hepburn?
What do you think? Imagine red.......


  1. Red seems a better option and if you've got a good figure then it will look nice. The dress does lack a stong collar on the top which would have been more dramtic then the shirt style they've gone for.

  2. Well at £45 it is a bargain in my world. I've seen the dress and in red it looks fab but black yep really really cheap and drab.
    I think it is a great number for days when you need to look cool as a cucumber and in charge!

  3. Thank you and I sat on it until yesterday. My second look left me thinking - nope. It is better in red but still not up to scratch. The thoughts it gave me were great though!


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