Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Answer

Do you remember the blog post that wanted to know about certain clothes in SATC:The Movie...well I now have the answer.

It's a book! "Sex and the City":The Movie by Amy Sohn. The blurb reads like a blah blah blah until the bit which says 'including notes from costume designers that guide readers through the movie's two-million-dollar fashion closet'. Oh yes.

Get it for £11.99 at Amazon or $19.77 from Amazon .com.


  1. i think i might just have to stock up and buy several of these...what perfect christmas presents for all of the girls in my life!

  2. I saw it the other day at the book store I was so tempted to get it!!

  3. I was meaning to tell you about this
    I saw it the day after I read your first post

  4. I've got the one on seasons 1-6, so I may be tempted to get this one too!!

  5. £11.99??? Are you serious??? That's so cheap. I read in Grazia last week says it's £20 from somwhere like Borders.

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