Sunday, 29 June 2008

Controversy, Effort, New stuff and Sales...

...must be a week in Blogging!

Dressed and Pressed gave a dressing down of Vogue Italia and rightly so, please read to understand her forthright views.
The Fashion Assistant and her Camera admitted to not one but three blogs! See Style Slicker for great London street shots.
I decided to join the effort department with my new blog Fashion and Film, two posts to date.
And Susie of Style Bubble went to the sales and produced her usual delightful pics!


  1. Love the new blog-you are very knowledgeable in the films department!!

  2. Thanks Sharon-Rose, I should think so my new prof is banking on it! So am I to get me through my studies. Kx

  3. You do the round-up so I don't have to!

  4. Kate! I think you should a costume film critic as your next career!!!! You're too good!!!


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