Monday, 16 June 2008

Ascot Attire

For those of you who are off to Ascot, no doubt you've been alerted to the enclosure dress code - see Disney Roller Girl

Your best option to look good and refrain from recent modern shows of distaste is to chanel either these lovely ladies sitting pretty in 1960 or my three stylish gals in my blog banner.
image: Vogue ArtGroup photographer Henry Clarke


  1. yes-the ladies in your banner are a great inspiration for races dresses!!

  2. You mean don't attach a dead bird to your head a lá SJP in SATC??

  3. do lots of people go? I just knew celebs went...

  4. I would love to turn up at Ascot in the middle look of your header!

  5. Pamcasso - everyone goes! It is truly an event for the masses - except the wealthy can pay to keep themselves away from the riff raff with a nice box or enclosure.

    Coco/Sharon-Rose - I know that late fifties, early sixites look is incredible. I love the big hats and makee up. I also want some gloves.

    Delicious Industries - I reckon one could pull off a dead bird with the right dress. I'd bet money that someone will work that look this week!


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