Monday, 2 June 2008

Wish list...information

Hm, not the greatest of images but I lack a certain apptitude when it comes to digital enhancing etc. Not my fortay. I've been helped in the past by the wonderful Observationmode and made much progress indeed.
Now I'm looking for help of a different kind - identfying SATC items. Jen from Mahalo Fashion is usually whizz at this.
I'm being dreadfully lazy and have made some effort to trawl, but what I really really to know the designer of a couple of evening style coats Carrie wore during her personal assistant period and brunette hair. One is picture above and the other is equally divine with its wide 3/4 length sleeves. Help pretty please.....


  1. Sorry don't know! (Haven't seen the film yet.....) :-)

  2. They might be vintage items?!

  3. I think a lot was vintage, and some of it I think came from patricia feilds store so you could look on its website?

  4. I thought the gorgeous swing coats would probably be vintage. Patricia Fields website is as barking as ever but she has got the very plain but great 16" black diamond necklace by Italy Malkin a mere $2300.

    I'm going to have to succomb to some secondhand browsing..

  5. I can't help you on this one! Good luck!

  6. And thank you for the very kind mention. :D


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