Saturday, 7 June 2008

The continuing love....

I was truly disappointed with The Sartorialist photos taken in London, except for the John Lobb trio. The disappointment lies in the fact he takes such vibrant interesting shots in NY and everything, the look, composition and lighting I enjoy.
At first I thought it was the quantity, I wanted lots and then I realised that London looked flat, stereotypical almost drab.
Was it the locations, the look or the composition? Dunno but something doesn't seem right or reflect the London I know and see.
So I reference my photographic icon, Norman Parkinson - Phonebox, London 1963. I realise I'm not comparing like for like but it is the essence of the city that is real here as well as the focus on the fashion.
image: vogue art group


  1. I agree completely.
    And great phone box pic!

  2. Thats a true iconic London fashion picture!!

  3. Yeah, they didn't seem to capture much of what makes London inspiring. At least several times a week in central London I see people that make me think 'It really is a stylish city I live in'. I know the Sartorialist has a certain aesthetic, I can't imagine him snapping the Hoxton fluoro kids with much joy, but other than the interesting lass in the striped dress and short black hair, none of the photos really tapped into London's very personal sense of style. It seemed like he was only here for a few hours and didn't have time to seek out interesting looks or locations.

  4. Well I wonder if El Sarto has the true love for London that he does for NY. I contend that one must be in love with a city, and furthermore KNOW that city to be able to show it in it's true light.

    I've seen all kinds of brillo style in London. I'd come over there and spend a month doing street style if I could.

  5. I think the lack of sunshine and blue sky isn't helping, as the images are very cold and need a bit of yellow to warm them up, and I agree that the locations are totally uninspiring.

  6. I actually think it was because he has been contracted to take photos in London strictly for a GQ or something...that is why he can't release the pics on his site....
    It's also true, he's not a huge fan of London and wouldn't really come here for pleasure so it is all work-related....

  7. Oh what useful information. Thanks Susie.

    Oh well I'm a tad sad he's not a big fan of Lonodn but hey it i spersonal preference. Perhaps a walk over Blackfriars bridge might have helped to get the vibe.

    I still like his work. I love the NY stuff and he does also do a good job in Paris.


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