Saturday, 14 June 2008

Little beuts!

Much as I love my high heels, I've always been a bit of a flats girl.
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I found these little beauties a few years ago in a boutique in Copenhagen. I've actually never wore them but I feel as if their moment of glory is nigh.

I'm hoping for a glamorous dinner date or an invite to some supper and cocktails number.

Now I have a quite chic shortish black dress (a veritable £29.99 bargin from H&M), which provides the perfect background for adornements, I'm going to go out loud and proud in these.

I'll just have to make sure I do a great fake tan number not to let the shoes down.
PS - it's a mirror image, I've not got ridiculous wonkey legs or weirdy feet, though my toes are quite fugly so they appreciate a shoe of this style.


  1. Love the colour and pattern on these shoes- a LBD is a perfect partner!!

  2. Those shoes are gorgeous, make sure you show them a good time! Thank-you for the explanation for the last picture, I wasn't going to say anything but .....

  3. Oooh, I love those shoes. Tres chic.

  4. Yes, I wondered about that last photo. ;)

    I really, really like these shoes. I've never seen anything like them!

    Thanks for the mention.

  5. I really like these, the colour is fab!

  6. What excessivley pretty flats - something I never thought I'd admit to.

  7. They would look great with a mini skirt!!

  8. Ah thanks for all the nice remarks.
    Jen - my dress is quite short, about 2 inches above the knees which are still knobbly. Any higher and I'd be straying into VB territory and I can't be bothered to put the leg work in. so to speak to keep them v.toned and honed.

  9. What a find! I'm looking forward to more pointy flats again next season or pretty ones at least.


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