Monday, 30 June 2008

Forward planning

While the sale tills continue to go ding, your purse should be staying firmly zipped between now and if you can last, the end of September. I've talked about this before. You will have three whole months to save some money for your winter wardrobe.

I'm on a tight budget this year with student hardship looming but have my eye on a some everyday boots so need to save the pennies and pounds. I'll be making do with my bargain £22 Primark patent olive green mac as my winter coat - I'll layer up if it gets a bit nippy.

What's on your wish list? What item will you be making do with?

image: Kurt Geiger Sapphire Chocolate brown boots £140


  1. I was really lucky in early march-I got a nearly new Barbour Bedale jacket for only £8 at Willow Farm Boot sale, so with woolies underneath, this will be my new winter coat too!! I'm coveting patent black shoes for autumn!!

  2. Well done - you are the best car boot sale person. I've already got black patent shoes and boots (boots need a heel repair) - they are exceedingly useful and lovely items to have so go get some!

  3. Hmm.... some of things I want will be rolling in about now.... we shall see how the list progresses...

  4. I just got a wonderful windfall and have been knocking items off an embarrassingly long wishlist. Not taking your sound, pennysaving advice, I'm afraid!

    But also not splurging on frills: soon to arrive are two more pairs of my favorite jeans which make me feel slim and sexy, a short-sleeved cream silk shell, and a new pair of brushed silver hoops.

    I'll be making do with my work/dress pants wardrobe. Until my hips decide upon a fairly consistent width, there's just no point ...

  5. I need to get a good trench coat. I have actually made a whole list of everything I need to buy, I always buy random things and it isn't getting me anywhere.

  6. This is SUCH a fun question; I could write a whole essay!
    To buy for fall: Latex or zippered leggings; plaid dress; dark floral something; sculptural heels; black booties.
    Glad I already have: leather jacket; grey suit; Spectator pumps; patterned tights.

    xoxox CC

  7. I would really like another pair of decent leather sandals, but I'll be making do with the ones I own which are two years old.

  8. I'm planning on two polo-neck jumpers for fall.

  9. I'm in the market for a purple dress, navy blazer with gold buttons, and a plaid blazer for fall. I'll be making do for now with some fun homemade skirts.

  10. hey guys! i'm chic here. my name's anna and i'm from Portland.

    i like baking and baking friends. oops i mean making. hahah.

    umm i want to create unheard of friends! expectedly a verified strong man like johnny bravo to
    sweep me off of my feet and pick me up and vibrate me like a baby! (...just kidding!)
    i reckon i like watching silent picture trailers more than i like watching movies
    and i wish that people would condense all movies to 3 minutes on youtube.

    if you hope for to give me a back rub down i can pay off it in jellybeans or uh.. nevermind.. i can pay you in jellybeans ONLY.

    i'm a gorgeous noble person. i don't care about anything. except for myself.

    it's freezing here during the winter and most of the year, so how does a fit as a fiddle little one woman stay|presentable?

    i seldom get to go outside so i use spray tan. it works like witchcraft and it covers up whiteness.
    so don't worry my flushed cheek friends (you don't have to lie and mention that you put on too much blush anymore!) well anyway.
    i have boys swooning through me and forgive me tell ya.. i'm running| out of jellybeans ;) ;) sooooooooooooo

  11. I haven't seen this person in a long time but I still miss her sometimes.

    Is this normal? I haven't spoken to her in over 8 months but I occasionally just feel like I still miss her.

  12. I haven't seen this person in a long time but I still miss her sometimes.

    Is this normal? I haven't spoken to her in over 8 months but I occasionally just feel like I still miss her.


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