Tuesday, 10 June 2008

What's in a name

I'm going to be updating my little old book or rather produce a new version.

It needs to be updated as things have changed so much in a year - not least what I've learnt by publishing a book. Doing it all yourself and I mean doing it all, writng, editing, proofing, type setting, graphics, cover, setting the price - agh! Really, I totally admire publishing houses.

For a self published baby with no advertising or distribution it has sold well.

There are lots of good things about the book (writing style 'ahem', the energy) and lots of things to be improved (all of the above minus the ideas, writing and creativity!).

Also the world of blogging has injected so much learning and sharing of people's views, imagination and lives that some of this needs to be recognised. I want to include blogger interviews. Susie Bubble gave me a great interview about thrifitng and of course Enc of Observationmode has to be included for her six month Self-Imposed No-Clothes-Buying Moratorium. (With their permission of course)

I hope to re-publish in September (please god if anyone knows an agent or is a pubilsher help!!) and I want to keep Make Do and Mend in the title but am going to change the overall name....so I'm looking to you lot to help define the new title.

Here's two options to get you going and I look forward to your suggestions in the comment box.
1. How to Make Do and Mend to beat the Credit Crunch
2. Make Do and Mend: how to beat the credit crunch and still buy a designer handbag


  1. Sounds great - I'm no good at thinking up titles, but I can help with the design/advertising/marketing :)

  2. I like the 2nd one best-mention 'designer handbag' and you've got most womens attention-ha ha!!

  3. "Make do and Mend your way to a great wardrobe in a tough market". I'm excited to see your book!

  4. Oh no, I just ordered it a few days ago after discovering you! Oh well...I'm really excited to read it NOW :) Love, love the blog! Best, Karen

  5. Karen- it is still relevant but email me and I'll make sure you get a marketing copy as part of launch campaign. The update will include new things and be designed but try to keep some of its make do and mend charm!

    Sharon-Rose, you are a terror but probably right about keeping the designer handbag there!

    Pamcasso - I think that is the perfect chapter heading for the style bit!

    Delicious Industries - what can I say. Can't wait to have our first publishing design meeting!

  6. Congratulations on this revision project! I like the idea of a "How To" title, because people seem to love those types of things as coverlines on magazines. Or, "50 Ways to beat the Credit Crunch!" or whatever.

    I'd be pleased to offer any help I can with your book. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, K.


  7. Make Do and Mend: Where and When to Spend!

    How is that one?

  8. I vote for the second title too and I'd like to pre-order my copy now.


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