Friday, 13 June 2008

Perfect pins at any cost?

If I were a man, I reckon I'd be a leg man. I just love a perfect set of pins. The sort of legs that really look good in dresses and skirts. Think Elle McPherson or Giscelle. Good thighs, toned and shapely, long slim calves and defined ankles. You have to know the shape of your legs so you can wear the right skirt, (although pencil works on many levels for all) and get your leggings postioned in the right place for showing off your legs. Then there are shoes, got to make sure ankles look good in them etc... I could go on.

I'm not a leg sizeist, just admire good legs, that was until I saw the Prada Resort/Cruise collection. It is a gorgeous little collection that is pure Miuccia Prada. You know she wants to or wears every little item - it is her expression of self and it is delightful. The clothes, the jewellary and the shoes need no thought. It is a simple well structured collection for women. Yet... why has she selected models whose legs remind me of being 9 years old. I had sparrows legs as a child and the knobbliest knees to boot. It was ok as a 9 year old and yes it was a shock at 15 to get thighs but believe me I wouldn't trade my female thighs for that of a sparrow.

I have to say I was appalled when I saw this shot because this models calves are thicker than her thighs. I don't believe for one minute these legs haven't been produced by some starvation programme but that's all I'll say on the matter.

I loved the black shoes throughout the Prada collection. Two quite similar pairs of which I spotted in M&S in the Autograph Weekend and Autograph section. Now, M&S shoes ar not crafted by Italians but they are certainly a make do option.

This mid heel pointed court retails at £39.50 - someone please explain the 50p.

It actual looks good on and flatters the foot.

The next pair are shown in nudeish colour but are available in black.
These are clever little numbers borrowing a trick from the Italians of nice shock absorbers on the sole.

Autograph Weekend Bow detail Driving Pumps £35 - the title is very Cruise/Resort - get these little critters now in black for S/S2009.


  1. I agree with you! I hate seeing such skinny legs. It makes me cringe. Love the driving pumps with the bow. Gorg!

  2. I think M&S has some great pumps, I had some pink ones from there which I wore to death!

  3. I do love the black ones-I will towards autumn invest in a pair of black (preferably patent) court or mary jane heeled shoes!

  4. You know I never thought about what I'd be into if I was a man hahahah
    I have to say giselle is sooo toned I would love to have her body, I'm hidding the gym and still yet to see gisele esque results!!

  5. I think Giselle has/had the best legs in modeling. The legs in that Prada photo are really pushing the outer limits. How long before our girls become skeletons?

  6. Oh I would soooo be a leg man if I was a man! Totally agree that catwalk models legs are getting weirdly thin, its just disturbing


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