Thursday, 26 June 2008

Should they stay or should they go?

I'm such a neat pup when it comes to my clothes. All orderly, washed, pressed and put away. And of course I have a bit of a make do and mend attidude. Nothing like a hem shortening or clothes dye project to keep me happy.

However, I suffer when my wardobe gets too full. Sometimes it is because I move items outof my draw and hang them up or I haven't cleared out unworn items. The hardest thing is when I get some new items and I have to determine what goes! I'm not a hoarder, much as I wish I could be, I find it very difficult and I'm a terror for coverting new items.

Now I've noticed that lots of you keep everything and a mass a ton of stuff to pull out at a later date and dress up in. I don't throw away or sell my designer items on ebay - as the sum total is not much, so they are keepers - that's the easy part. I do sell stuff for clients on ebay as somethings are little gems or are in good condition

Worn out stuff gets used as dusters or recycled. Good stuff that's not very expensive goes to charity or friends. I like to kit my friends out! It's just how do you make the cull? Is it ok to keep the 6 LBDs of which two haven't been worn for years, should they stay or go?
What sort of rules should one apply to their closet? How much is too much?


  1. ah, this is a question I was thinking about posting on soon, to edit or hoard. I'm an editor, I believe that for each new item in, something old should probably go out, but I've been kicking myself for getting rid of some things which have come back in style lately. I don't know the answer!

  2. I do piles
    1) Have not worn in 6 months MUST GO
    2) Not sure
    3) Will never part with

    I then go back over pile 2 and re cull

    NEVER re look through pile 1 - once its in the pile it MUST go.

    Good Luck xf

  3. i try to organize my put them in one color..but never achieve a good one..too much is is no too much!

  4. Hi there!! Like yourself and Pamcasso, I am an editor and not a hoarder. Only over the past couple of years, I have built a collection of items that I am not parting with-these range from jeans, to dresses, to blouses, to jackets, to jumpers-all a mixture of vintage, modern and designer. Then I have my daily, 'disposable' items which are ideal for after work and weekend wear which does tend to get edited when a new item comes in. I also work on the new item in, something out regime, as I hate an overstuffed wardrobe. I also ask myself how much is too much, too!! This is why I've decided not to buy anything on Ebay anymore-I've had a lot of impulse buys from there!! Your wardrobe basics has really helped, as I've recently updated my wardrobe with the basic black trousers and a navy pencil skirt. I only try to buy something now if I haven't already got it-for example, future purchases will be red and black shoes-I haven't got these. I have lots of summer dresses already, so its not even worth thinking of buying anymore! Are your LBDs different styles-if so, they are worth keeping. If they are all similiar in style it might be worth letting just one go and then another in about six months time, if still not worn. Sorry for such a long post-but this is such an interesting and debatable topic you've brought up!!

  5. I've just had to pack up all my clothes for a move and it's made me realise that I maybe have to much.
    I find it so hard to get rid of things and any time that I do I tend to regret it as I always find something that would have looked perfect with it.
    I really admire people who are able to cull things from there wardrobe.

  6. I'm a hoarder! I'm very picky so I only buy things I really love in the first place (not cos it's a trend). So when it comes to throwing things out...I rarely do. I guess only if it really doesn't fit and I can't make it work does it go (and then I usually regret it).

  7. Yep - I'm a hoarder too, not just clothes either! I was reading your book last night, the bit about de-cluttering, and I was cringing at the thought of having to do it (I justify my general clutter by calling it 'reference' , which works for me). But weirdly later on in the evening I caught the beginning of US Wife Swap and one of the families was so obsessed with organisation that I everything, and I do mean everything was put into a labelled, plastic crate or tub. Their rules where:
    1. Do you need it?
    2. Do you use it?
    3. Does it make you money?

    And then this morning I turn the computer on and read this post - I think the universe is trying to tell me something!!!

  8. I tagged you.

    I'll be back to read this post in full.

  9. I used to be much more aggressive at cleaning out my closets, but now that I have better clothes than I used to, it's ridiculous to get rid of them unless they no longer fit or I've really grown to detest the style. I've had pieces I haven't worn for two years and then I'll start wearing them every day. I would hate to lose something with that much potential.

  10. Fantastic comments! Really useful advice so..
    Sharon-Rose - All 6 dresses are different. But I don't need to get another one this year so LBDs are on hold.
    Which frees me up to pursue my purchasing as suggested by Roller Girl - a year of only buying what I truly love (if I've got the funds). This means applying a 7 day rule - if I see something I like - I'll wait 7 days and if it has beenreplaced in my affectiosn by somethign different and money saved.
    Wendy B is right to apply the does it fit rule which if one only buys truly loved pieces then the system has more synergie.
    so back to Sharon-Rose and checking on the gaps rather than repeats. Oh lots to apply with flair!

  11. Oh dear, now you're making me feel bad... i've NEVER culled my wardrobe in my life...

  12. Susie - I know 274 skirts and counting!

  13. Anything that still fits and makes you feel fabulous can stay. Anything that doesn't fit, and can't be altered to fit, or that makes you feel less than fabulous can go.

    My tuppence.


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