Thursday, 12 November 2009

Beret nice

The blue knitted beret is a purchase from blogger Oranges and Apples. She does have her own Etsy shop but I negotiated directly with the supplier! My poor head needs a hat on my bicycle and when those Siberian winds hit the South East and London. i was taken with the stiching and the navy colour of the beret. I can sew but I'm no knitter and I can appreciate such a skill. Truly, my beret is beret beret nice!

But the story doesn't end with the beret purchase. The clever Franca, Ms. Oranges and Apples came up with a creative concept that tickled me pink... a knitted coffee cup warmer. Beautifully crafted it will adorn my daily coffee cup purchase from Pret. I love Pret for coffee as they use organic milk and it comes from a dairy in Aberystwyth, West Wales. I have preferences for such things! Franca was very kind because she gave me a freebie of a plain knit one in a mustard colour.


  1. Oh, great hat and the coffee warmer looks cute! Although i've never even heard of a coffee warmer before today :)

  2. Oranges & Apples - I'm wearing my beret today it is firmly attached to my head!

  3. Berets just don´t suit me...even tried one on again today as I do every now and again, but it just doesn´t work. Lovely colours!

  4. Hi there-what cute pieces, like RML, they don't suit me either, mores the pity!

  5. Gorgeous!
    I need a beret or two!


  6. Love them! I have got some berets, but I neeeed a grey one. haha!

    If U have a mood look at my giveaway!


  7. Sweet! I bet you look a treat riding down the street!

  8. I love the pink coffee cup warmer, it's so cute. =] Much prettier than a normal coffee cup.

    Florrie x


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