Monday, 30 November 2009

Thought for the week - quality v quantity part 2

Thank you for your contributions to this debate - which as ever are inconclusive! I mean this in a positive way because in one sense the phrase 'what is one man's pleasure is another man's poison' is as applicable for fashion as anything. The good thing is we do as we please to a certain extent. We take what we believe to fit into out lives and apply accordingly or even just do as we please.

So, this week I'm going to ask you for your top five items that you would spend serious money on - the things of quality you would buy to keep forever.


  1. Shoes! I used to have tons of cheap uncomfortable shoes until i culled them. Now i only go for quality shoes

  2. 1. a cartier, patek or jaeger le coultre watch purchased pre-owned not new
    2. a pair of louboutin, ferragamo, or jimmy choo black pumps
    3. a black cardigan
    4. a black pencil skirt
    5. a white button down shirt
    6. a strand of white south sea pearls
    7. a vintage black croc or lizard bag
    These are the essential items that are the basis of my wardrobe.

  3. My wishlist if I was ever going to save up and spend!

    1. Silvery-coloured real pearls
    2. Bottega Veneta classic hobo
    3. Rolex gold watch
    4. Full length Tuscan shearling coat
    5. Diamond studs with another diamond dangling below it on a single thread.

    Mostly accessories...

  4. Wow, no-ones yet said a Chanel 2.55, LOL!! I don't know about this one yet, I'll have a think and come back to you.........

  5. A Max Mara coat
    A beautiful black cocktail dress
    A Cartier watch
    A Bottega Veneta bag
    A Hermes scarf

  6. Winter coat
    Black trousers
    White Shirt
    Pearl Necklace
    Good underwear

    Think they're my five, although being limited to five is tough!

  7. I'm trying to be conservative on this one but I think I'd spend a bit on:

    * A sensible and stylish Mulberry handbag
    * Winter coat
    * Winter boots
    * Hermes scarf
    * Beautiful heirloom jewellery

  8. Shoes/boots. I walk a lot and it does count.
    PS. thought you might like to know that my planning issue likely to be resolved in my favour. Thanks for the links and kind comments re. blog.

  9. Knee-high boots
    Red pumps
    A black pencil skirt
    An everyday handbag
    A sumptuous wool coat

  10. 1. Cashmere sweater
    2. Good boots (wearable, attractive, long-lasting)
    3. A coat - warm but gorgeous.
    4. A great accessory (be it a silk scarf or a beautiful ring)
    5. Jeans

  11. A Louboutin shoe, a chanel bag, a chanel earrings, an expensive scarf and piece of jewelery!!!!

  12. I'd buy

    a beautiful, timeless coat

    an upgraded Tiffany tank watch

    simple diamond studs

    a classic large bag

    an insane pair of shoes

  13. What I already have invested in and still wear time and time again

    Trench coat by Margaret Howell
    Bayswater Mulberry Bag
    Sass Bide skinny jeans
    Jimmy Choo shoes

    I did used to have a beautiful Missoni scarf, but sold it recently as I was unable to wear it much with 3 under 3 (puking on it, trying to strangle me etc.)

    What I am hoping to get in an upcoming auction
    Omega Constellation two tone watch

  14. 1) Prada coat
    2) Stefano Marcantonio handbag
    3) Manolo Blahnik pumps
    4) Chanel suit
    5) Christian Louboutin booties

    Fun post and query!!


  15. Such a fun post, but only 5!! I only buy total quality really so these are my best cost per wear essentials that I couldn't live with out:
    1. Chanel 2.55
    2. McQueen long black military coat
    3. LV Scarf
    4. Vivienne Westwood huge everyday, fit my laptop in it bag
    5. I would say shoes for this last one but I can't get it down to one pair so either Chanel ballet pumps or riding boots; or Westwood red heeled mary janes or black three strap heels - I wear these out of all my shoes the most.
    All these things I just LOVE and are such good quality, but I could list so many other things ha ha!

  16. Brown leather boots, a gorgeous dress (or four) and a good quality jacket!!

  17. 1. My next great design, the Empress Wu ring (which IS costing me a lot of money, it's not like I get it done for free.)
    2. Prada shoes
    3. Roland Mouret dress
    4. Zang Toi gown
    5. A great vintage Ossie Clark in a Celia Birtwell print.

  18. I think I would like a new bag but will hold out for the new Mulberry coming out
    1. Mulberry Alexa bag
    2. Large soft cashmere sweater
    3. Long cashmere military coat.
    4. R-soles cowboy boots to add to my collection :)
    5. New Jeans.. Straight leg .. Jbrand or True religion
    or any really nice ones just need to loose 7lbs first


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