Saturday, 28 November 2009

High Street Pick of the Week - Christmas gift ideas

I don't mean to encourage anyone to drink but I can't recommend the wonderful writing on wines and other drink by Victoria Moore,enough. After many years of reading and trying her recommendations - she has a column every Saturday in the Guardian Weekend, I can vouch and attest for her wonderful palette. Her £8.99 book available from Toast is a worthy contender for a Christmas gift. Not fashion but hey what's fashion without the occasional tipple.


  1. My husband is a big wine fan so th ebook is a great idea.
    Congratulations on completing your dissertation and I love the inspiration.

  2. Olive Christmas tree ornament can also be a great gift!

  3. Cheers to that, darling!


  4. Bubbly and fashion go hand in hand in my book!


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