Friday, 20 November 2009

A favour...

...essentially this is very dull but quite important (to me and a lot of others). In the midst of working, running a home, blogging and writing a dissertation I'm dealing with a pile of poo namely a planning application which is blighting the place I live in.

To cut a long story short, Epsom is a very small town on the edge of London (if I lived half a mile down the road I'd have a London phone number) and where I live the local council decided not to dismantle a very ugly water tower as part of green belt development of the old London mental hospitals. My house is across from an old wing where Ronnie Kray was committed to!

The developers told them to pull it down as it is not a listed building, nor of architectural note etc. etc. but no some worthy jobs worth thought it had some merit. We are left with a large home for pigeons and the owners London and Quadrant who bought it for a £1 (this is all true) want to add to the huge tower and make it a high rise tower block of flats.

Now I'd gladly live in a Chelsea Harbour high rise or a NYC one but Epsom is a cute town with an unsullied sky line. Myself, the neighbours and the local deer, whom we share with Cheryl Cole who lives down the road in Oxshott would like to keep it that way.

Would you - although you have no earthly interest in this matter become a follower of the Livingstone Park Action Blog just to big us up and once the whole thing is over I'll make sure the follower button is removed. You don't have to read it or ever visit again but if you could help the little people stand up to the big corporation it would be much appreciated!!

see what I mean!


  1. Ah, home owning. It's such a joy sometimes. I'll go check out your link...

  2. I am on my way over there to check it out.

  3. Tomorrow, if I can afford the replacement ink cartridge, I will be printing off a letter, photocopying it and putting it through as many letterboxes as I can re. a planning application by my neighbour. I doubt if it will have much of an impact but following the blog as requested helped a bit. Good luck with yours, fingers crossed for mine...

  4. I have signe dup - we have friends in Epsom and are on our way down at Easter. Good Luck.

  5. Looks like it should be Grade II listed to me... (only joking)


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