Sunday, 22 November 2009

Market Trading

Don't worry I'm not going to be spouting hedge funds and derivatives at you. In fact this is taster of an interview to come, I'll be tackling it after ...well you know!

I was forced on Saturday to nip to the bike shop after some idiot stole my back bike light which is worth all of £6 and managed to break the child seat for petit garcon which costs £71. The poor boy had to go on his scooter, whilst I pushed my bike and I promised him some new pyjamas - Ben 10 ones. He did try to negotiate Caffe Nero too but I told him to choose between pyjamas or Caffe Nero. He choose pyjamas but I still lost out as I also bought him some Scooby Doo slippers.

The bonus was as we walked to and fro from the bike stands, our thorough fare M&S was doling out free samples of champagne and biscuit tin selections. Two thimblefuls of champagne later for moi and biscuit each way for the boy made me stop and browse the market stalls outside M&S.

The stall I'm fascinated with is a mix of faux fur, second hand coats, denim and sheepskins. I asked the lady who runs the stall if I could do a proper interview with her as I realised designers, retailers, the internet, pop up shops and vintage/second hand shops all get a look in but not market trading. I'm curious to find out more....the stall is at Wimbledon every Sunday, Epsom every Saturday and Kempton Races and somewhere else in the week, which has escaped my memory as I quickly asked her (don't know the persons name yet) before the garcon scooted off.


  1. Love fur as an animal lover I should be ashamed but sadly not enough the only time I was uncomfortable was when I bought a vintage Coyote coat of ebay and the dogs were sniffing me as I walked them like I was one of the pack!

  2. hello petit garcon, hope you like your new pjs!

    Make Do - see comment below re. lost in text translation. xx

  3. A thimbleful of Champagne only makes me want the rest of the bottle!

  4. Wendy B - I returned and bought 4 bottles with Mr MDSs money!

  5. Lovely coats! Your son sounds adorable, too, what a little deal-maker. Darling!


  6. Petit Garcon is tres adorable!

    And those furs look scrumptious!


  7. I wish there were second hand fur or faux fur coat shops in Manila!

    I badly want one!

    Great blog!


  8. Bless le petit garcon! I'm a big fan of markets, so looking forward to reading your interview!

  9. Serendipitous! I'm sorry about the light and the seat, though. How lame.

  10. Great idea. Those faux fur coats look great too. x


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