Sunday, 6 December 2009

Dress a blogger for Hanukkah, Christmas, Happy Holiday

Continuing this popular series from last year my first proposed outfit for a fellow blooger is Jane from The Small Fabric of My Life
I take all the clues from the clothes the blogger tends to wear, the colours and then challenge their usual looks a little! Being Make Do Style the budget is set as it was last year at £150. The total for this outfit is £137.99

Dorothy Perkins Blue geo print shift dress £32

Monsoon Cotton Stretch Ivory Bolero £36

Clarks Daily Bread Smart Shoes in Red £59.99

Navy 80D opaque tights £5
(I'll leave you to imagine navy tights! This look could easily substitute red tights instead of navy)

New Look Heart Necklace £5


  1. Wow - an outfit for me.
    Just for me.
    I will try and rpelicate it before the end of December.
    I love the way you have include dmy favourite heart necklaces!

  2. Small fabric of my life - I didn't realise about the heart necklace but I thought you'd need a long necklace. I choose the clothes based on the colours you wear so well!

    Mrs Looking Fab - Dorothy Perkins always has surprising finds. Their best store is at Bond St tube.

    Elise - yes they are and can you believe they are Clarks, I love them sort of vintage looking.

  3. Wow, this is SUCH a lovely idea! I love the outfit you created for her and I can't wait to see how she interprets it. THIS is what blogging is about, no? :)


  4. Cute outfit! You know I like a red shoe and these are soo sweet.

  5. Hi there-yes, you judged well, I can see Jane in this outfit, it would suit her- very her, the dress is lovely!

  6. Love the outfit, and yes the shoes are really nice for Clarks. But I always find people can find things in stores which I can't, Dorothy Perkins and Clarks being two such stores!

  7. I normally hate Clarks but those red shoes are pretty cute!

  8. Love the red shoes! Particularly since they seem so comfortable.

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