Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Cigarette anyone?

I'm on the hunt for the perfect cigarette trousers. Once spotted I will save and save to purchase. I am in need of a pair.
These tuxedo trousers by Celine at Matches are out of my reach at £550 but look divine (sigh, double sigh)

Toast have some for £125 but they have a stripe and are in the wrong colours blue or grey and it has to be black!

I know it is probably the wrong season but does anyone have any suggestions for where to find the perfect pair. Let me know if you do that would be smoking!


  1. I know, I know 'puts hand up' have you tried Jaeger or - they have some for sale just over #100 not sure what sizes are left though. You're right about it being the wrong season its all utility chic and khakis right now. But as a wardrobe staple you can't go wrong. I've posted another sample sale happening today and tomorrow - I['m sure See by Chloe will have something fab

  2. Hi there-hope you track down a pair, the Celine ones are just gorgeous, sigh!!

  3. Love those trousers but they are $1100 Australian dollars! I wish the dollar was stronger...meanwhile I am going to embrace your no fritter challenge. The svaing Gods demand it.

  4. Love these! A classic!


  5. Love these too. I actually bought a pair a few years ago from brand "Not Your Daughter's Jeans." The style is "Audrey" and they were probably about $100 USD. I don't know if that brand is available in the UK, but they do a version of this pant most seasons.

  6. Great pants but sadly I don't have any ideas.

  7. I am wearing some "passable" ones from Zara while I continue what seems like an un-ending search for the perfect pair.

  8. For a cheapie high street option you could consider Jil Sander for Uniqlo. This pair of 'skinny straight pants' could pass as cigarettes:

    Not quite Celine (or fabulously high-waisted) but could do in a pinch. xx

  9. I read this on the iPhone earlier in the week and was too lazy to sign in and comment. But I reminisced happily for my Country Road wool gaberdine navy ciggarette legs circa 1989 that made me look like I was 5'9"
    (am 5'4")
    But of course being 1989 I wore them with flat lace up manshoes. What shoes now?

  10. Hammie - that is so true, they lengthen legs and it woudl still be man shoes now!!

    Janavi - I did that last summer but they were always too big, not a good fit.

  11. Oh, if only I had a spare £500 sitting around! Such lovely trousers.


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