Friday, 5 March 2010

Day 5 of Capsule Wardrobe

Yes done it! Although today's look is the least successful for a few reasons. I have to confess to being a bit hung over. I don't drink in the week and I steer clear of wine mainly for the reason I seem unable to sip merely one glass of the stuff. This makes for a bit of a bleary eyes stylist.

See by Chloe top
LK Bennett patent belt
Kate Moss Topshop silver maxi skirt
Toast Mary Jane's
H&M gold lurex ankle socks

I had forgotten how rubbish the quality is on the Kate Moss skirt. I knew there was a reason for never buying these things. However I'm going to wear it as much as possible until I've exhausted the maxi skirt look. But... I need to crack the right proportions and items to make this really work. I'm okay with the items I used from the capsule wardrobe challenge but it isn't really what I had hoped for. It doesn't help that I have misplaced my camera and the images are poor quality, but truthfully I'm not getting a high five moment. It makes me appreciate well made items even more, as the cheap chips items I'm working don't really deliver the Marc Jacobs inspired look I hoped for.

Get the runway look!
H&M organic oversize jumper over rest of outfit as before minus the belt

And finally...Spring has triumphed. The sun is shining and my hyacinths are about to burst into blooms. I had no idea what colour they were and they are actually so this season, completely on trend in a sorbet pink blush!!

My little bit of France in my kitchen, cans for plants and wine bottles for candles


  1. LOVING the top !

    Have a lovely weekend

  2. Is maxi the theme of day5? I've seen a maxi dress in one of the challengers. I love anything maxi. You rock the maxi skirt ensemble. Fabulous! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. Look number two - you're on to a winner!! :)

    Paddy☮ x

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  4. Congratulations!
    So glad you made it. I hope you have enjoyed the experience. I will be completing a round-up next weekend.

  5. Well done - I know what you mean about the skirt - I sent mine back as the fit wasn't right. But its a great challenge and congrates on having a 'girl' flower! x

  6. Hi there-very well done, I love the maxi skirt with the SBC top, shame the skirt isn't very good quality though :-( Have a great weekend!!

  7. Good onyou for rocking the maxi- I have a couple that I have vowed to start wearing but haven't really gotten to. I feel shy about it for some inexplicable reason. Thanks for the ideas :)

  8. Too bad about the skirt quality because it looks great. Remember when we drank all that Pimm's at lunch? :-)

  9. Wendy B -somehow that didn't give me a hangover just lots of joy and laughter!!:-))

  10. I like the first look with the maxi the best - it makes your legs look miles long. The long top in the other tapers in at the bottom and divides your body without giving you any shape on top.

    My favourite of your looks is actually the denim shorts look - I don't think I would dare! Close second is that fabulous shiny coat/dress. Wow, I love that.

  11. Outfit #1 is my favorite! As He-weasel snuck is snout into my screen, he said to tell you that he agrees.


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