Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Day 3 Capsule Wardrobe

It has to be said I'm suffering from post MA blues and career prospect woes. The fact I seem to be sans camera and only have the blurry blackberry images is probably the best metaphor for my current state. You will have to bear with me as this blog might become a therapeutic tool because I have no money to bore someone else with my dilemma and spare you the droning. I don't know what is worse when it comes to blogging - self pity or self smugness!

I took these hastily before I go swimming (I will thrash this stupor out of me one way or another). I will of course add Chanel Particuliere 505 nail varnish and apply La Roche Posey 196 lipstick, which is a deep fuchsia/red.

H&M Organic jumper
Topshop dress
Toast Mary Janes (1930s style)

Nude fishnet tights
Mary Jane shoes

Just to show how small the fishnet is!


  1. Reasons why you shouldn't be blue;
    1 - You are a very successful and talented stylist/fashion adviser
    2 - You completed an MA
    3 - You made a film, (YOU MADE A FILM!!!) that is now travelling around the world
    4 - You own the most fabulous Mary Janes I have seen

    Next blog post I think you should make everyone come up with a plan for your career, surely we can come up with something between us that will help you feel more positive.

  2. Cybill - you are too kind. I am a talented stylist but not a successful one! That is due to being a mother of a small child. The said small child prevents me (due to responsibility) from throwing myself into career mode and hence I feel frustrated but not resentful!
    But I love your suggestion - I will enforce such a post on the world!! xx

  3. Ah, we all want what we can't have.

    I'm swamped with uni work, and a job that demands crazy hours, I don't have time to exercise or do my nails right now :(

  4. She wore it well - being unemployed isn't a choice. It is hard being freelance and I'd loved to be swamped. Because then I could pay off my debts and pay bills. I do appreciate the idea of wishing for time or having the ability to go for a swim. But when I was working full time I still swam and did my nails. I know crazy hours are exhausting but I learnt how to manage that. I'm basically rubbish at not being busy. I've got 4 one day jobs this month and it has got to me and made me flounder.

  5. Cute shoes! Enjoy your swim :) I've been searching for Particuliere, nowhere here ever has it in stock!! I've settled for Nails Inc. Jermyn Street for now which is similar but not quite as nice.

  6. those mary janes are super cute! If fact I love the whole outfit is really lovely, very relaxed jet chic.

    I love the idea of a capsual wardrobe challange! I will keep checking back for your outfits!

    Christina xox

  7. Love your maryjanes... this is a cute outfit... something that I would wear. Have a great day! xoxo

  8. Don't be sad, you are so pretty and talented and have a fab little BOY! Plus I love your shoes and tights. Stay strong, be brave. Sometimes we need to feel sad to enjoy the good times. Hope you feel better tomorrow xxxx

  9. I'm leaving a 2nd message because you need it. Listen to me Make Do: the money woes and career dramas will pass. Keep the FAITH. You need to channel Karl. He would say Onwards and Upwards. Good luck xxx

  10. Faux Fuchsia - I am so channelling KARL! Thank you!!

  11. I'd like to tell you something that sounds better than YES, freelance/unemployment SUCKS! Even my crowded shoe shelf doesn't help, every time I look at it, it reminds that you can not eat or pay bills with shoes, can't buy zippers or leather in order to MAKE money...
    Soooo, how do we snap out of this nightmare?

  12. I am very much with you here. Freelance/self employment can be excrutiating. When it works out, it's fab. You just have to remember the good times when it's bad, and vice versa. Because it never lasts, whichever you're in. So be prepared for the worst when it's good (i.e, hoarding money and not being silly) and keep thinking positive that things will improve.

    You're just experiencing that dip after the major high you've just had. Keep blogging, that has helped me enormously.

    I also try to avoid twitter and facebook when I'm feeling poo. You don't need to read other people's success stories when you're not 100% yourself.

  13. Fabulous Mary Janes. I like the way you wear the sweater but you need the tall slim silhouette which I don't have. I would look like a bag lady.
    As for the other stuff I know sound like an evangelist but the book The Secret changed my life. You don't have to buy it - look at it on You Tube.
    Since reading the book I have more work than i cna handle and two overseas trips (which came totally out of the blue) lined up for March and April.
    Give it a go - what do you have to lose?

  14. dust - thank you - it is so true that you can't pay bills with shoes!!

    Miss Peelpants - wise words xxx

    Jane - I'm not that tall and I could possible veer into bag lady territory with ease! You are right I have nothing to lose, I'm sure the library will have a copy xx

  15. I know those post MA blues. For me I am happiest with some big goal/project.And, you, gorgeous, have just completed multiple BIG projects. I think it is quite common to feel some grief at the end of such big accomplishments. I remember feeling a kind of post-partum depression after I finished my thesis.
    I do love the toast shoes and I envy you the Chanel particle. I went to three stores trying to find some.

  16. Hi there-after such successes you've achieved lately, sorry to hear you're feeling blue at the moment. Keep up the fab posts and outfits though, you are such an inspiration to many for sure!!

  17. La Belette - I suppose it is some sort of grief, ref having a purpose and it is all a bit empty now. Although I do need to earn money and work!

    Sharon Rose - I'll get over it! xx

  18. Lovely jumper!

    By the way I am moving my blog. (, but I have a big problem with DNS of and now the blog update is not working. I want let me know this. Please don't forget to visit this blog, because I have a new post for every day and I love you all. ♥

  19. Love this look. I love Mary Janes try not to feel like this you will be challenged again soon and get your Mojo back its the body relaxing I am sure, after all that

  20. The fishnets and the Mary Janes are my favorite! And please, you are so wonderfully chic and stylish, and so very well educated that this is just the beginning for you. I foresee great things coming your way.

  21. I'm sorry you're not feeling so hot, darling...

    You look lovely!
    Adoring those fishnets!


  22. Your blues will go and endorphins released swimming will help your mood x

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  24. Don't despair! I'm sure it's only the post-excitement post-super-hard-work and achievement blues. I don't know that much about you, but I'm sure you will build a good income around your studies and experiences.

  25. love those mary janes!!!

    ps. please take a second to check out my new blog:

  26. Outfit looks great. Sorry you felt sad. Hopefully today things look and feel brighter. Look am me, I have hardly spent anything really so far this year! Love and Hugs. xx


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