Friday, 19 March 2010

Result! An award

I've got about 5 mins to catch up on blogs and do a post. The lovely Sharon Rose the Thrifting Queen very kindly gave me an award. This is good news otherwise I would have bored you with my cycling attack by snappy dogs incident this morning on way to train station. I was cycling through the park when two goodness knows what snappy things went for me. The owner was useless and basically I swore (quite a bit). At the other end of the park are a group of school kids no doubt amused by what would look like Anna Wintour on a Pashley cycle from a distance (my Pink Soda Coat with DVF dress, Pierre Hardy shoes and Chanel sunnies plus my new fringe) going round in circles being attacked by yappy critters. After making my escape, as I got close to them I breezily said 'That was a spectacle wasn't it.' Okay now I have bored you with my 7:45am drama.

So, over to the award. The rules of acceptance include telling of 7 things about yourself and passing on this award to 7 other beautiful bloggers, so here goes!!

1. My vehicle of choice is my Pashley
2. I have been known to swear like a trouper (please see above extenuating circumstances)
3. I have a weakness for Percy Pigs from M&S
4. Nearly every morning I start the day with fresh carrot, apple and ginger juice thanks to my juicer.
5. Mr MDS irons his own shirts, I'm too slapdash.
6. I'm a complete neat freak
7. I'm off to Cardiff on Saturday for the rugby, Wales v Italy - it will be lush!

I tag these 7 seven lovely bloggers

Faux Fuchsia
La Belette Rouge
Wife in the City
That's not my Age
Forty Not Out
and Fashion Pearl's of Wisdom (I needed her Henry Holland F.F.S t-shirt yesterday morning)


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your experience with the dogs but your telling did make me laugh - Fashionista in Frenzied Feral Fur Attack.
    I'm sure the dogs weren't feral but they may as well have been if the owener was useless.
    Enjoy your trip and thanks for the advice.

  2. Hi there-poor you, what a diabolical way to start the morning, I can't stand useless dog owners-what must they be like with children!!!

  3. Well done on our award! I need to put mine up but am off to work in a minute. I could visuaise you on that Bike and was laughing as I read it! Have a great time in Wales xx

  4. I wish I could have seen you, Anna W on a bike LOL!!! Glad you fended off the critters!
    Thanks for the tag - I swear like trouper too - but now I can wear how I am feeling x

  5. A new fringe?! Ooh, when do we get to see??

  6. Congratulations!!
    That is crazy! I remember when I went jogging one morning at dawn in Prague and a bunch of dogs took off after me. The owner was sitting on a bench watching and not doing a thing. I ran to him and asked that he call his dogs away, and he said that as long as there was something to chase the dogs would chase it. Then he started laughing like a lunatic.
    By the way, I would like to see your new fringe too.

  7. I was looking for men Loafers and was wondering if True Religion is the best designer for men Loafers?

  8. Congratulations and let's see the fringe!

  9. I love going to see Wales V Italy for the Italian fans :) Such a perv I know :) I also tagged you in this not reading Sharons list well enough xxx

  10. Why thank you - I'm honoured! And your Anna Wintour on a bike story was brilliantly provided me with a laugh with my coffee this morning so thank you! I love that you said that to the kids as you went past - I bet they were dumbstruck! x

  11. Congrats on the award! :)

  12. Thank-you very much appreciated. I shall post up shortly on it. And enjoyed reading your seven things to. J had to teach me how to iron when we were first together... He still irons his own shirts but at least I now know how :)

  13. Congratulations and THANK YOU!!!
    1. Must follow link!
    2. Me too!
    3. Who is that?
    4. Ever since I learned that about you I am tempted to try some.
    5. Impressive.
    6. I'm more of a chaos/neat freak. I cycle between the two.
    7. Well lush!


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