Monday, 8 March 2010

Thought for the week - focus!

I continue to not spend any money on anything! This is becoming easier. I am forced by circumstances to not spend but because I started off on this with a no fritter attitude rather than a spending ban I think that helped.

A reminder - the point of not frittering for three months is to save what you would have spent in shops on lots of little amounts. This should generate a more substantial sum, enabling you to purchase something wow that you love. If I did have a pot then I'd buy something from Dolce & Gabbana

I've managed to not increase my debts and have begun to really pay them off. If I'd frittered then I would have added to them. It does mean I can't get a wow item but I'm doing really well, aided by capsule wardrobe week to use what I have effectively. Even though I been out styling private clients and basically dressing them in what I would buy, (because it suits them and it is of course visionary!) I have not succumbed. Yah! This makes me feel good and has broken a habit, the magpie habit. It also has meant I have had to be motivated to do other things.

The other things I have done are exercise more and revolutionise my diet. The diet has changed. Thanks to the marvellous comments on my size matters post I was challenged to research dietary issues more thoroughly - thank you Deja Pseu.

I ended up with a book called Can We Live 150 Years by Mikhail Tombak.

It is a brilliant book, but not for the faint hearted when it comes to digesting matters of bodily functions. I have to say no one has made me understand or get eating properly. The man is a genius and although I pale at the thought of self administering an enema, the moment I have a spare pound or two I'm off for a colonic irrigation. Apart from the cost of the book, I've managed to improve my well being, turn the tide on my fat hips and smile my way through no money.


  1. My husband had a colonic this time last year and said it made him feel really good. I didn't feel so good, I could have spent that ninety quid on myself!
    Back to clothes, I don't think I have bought that much so far this year and as usual, most things I have bought have been in the Sale, but I don't have any money for a WOW item, because I don't have a budget for clothes, I just buy as and when. No doubt I will be really jealous when your readers tell us about what great items they buy at the end of this month!

  2. I admire your girly nomics sooo much but do not have your restrain Kate!! I had a small guilt moment when i bought those shoes last week! But then i looked at my old shoes which were broken and now too big for my slightly slimmer feet! and i thought actually buying them early was a great idea for me as I now have my summmer wardrobe all but sorted! yAy

  3. I agree with Claire - I am a big admirer of the theory with non of the restraint! Although I did start bringing a packed lunch box to work about a month ago and am saving around £30 a week, so that's something I suppose!

  4. Interesting book. I am off to the Viva Mayr Clinic soon on a press trip. I can't wait to learn how to eat better too.

  5. La Belette - ha! no no to apple fritters! Luckily I'm not being tight with my money and I'm as regular as clockwork - phew!

    Small Fabric - I'm am so envious! The Mayr clinic it is my dream to go there xx

  6. Very well done for staying on course and staying on track with paying down the debt, you looked great in the capsule challenge and you can look forward to a really great piece when your fritter challenge ends!!

  7. Losing unwanted pounds and debt - what a lightness of being you are cultivating. And I think you are doing a fabulous job with the no frittering - not simply conserving for all kinds of sound reasons, but also reworking your beloved pieces in new ways. It's creative!

    I have not really saved a dime in my no-frittering, but I have diminished waste and developed a new skill. So I think I'm a winner too :-) I think I'm going to keep it up (?!) maybe through till my birthday which is almost exactly 6 months from January.

    Now that I've stocked up on the sewing supplies, maybe I'll spend less on that (but still get to make fun things) and it will even out a bit with the extra time - to mean actual saving.

    Are you game to keep this going a while longer? Maybe we do one splurge in April (if we feel like it) and then go back to the challenge? Just a suggestion.

  8. K-Line - I'll still have no money come April so I'll keep going. I'm on a mission which is far more compelling and satisfying than spending on new clothes xx


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