Monday, 1 March 2010

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Late September, early October was the time of the last capsule wardrobe challenge (which I won!), eager to hold onto my crown once again I've decided to participate in The Small Fabric of my Life's Spring capsule wardrobe challenge.

It is still pretty parky but at least the sun is shining (today anyway). I'm blending a useful winter item with pieces that are more spring like. I'm also emulating the A/W 10 trend particularly Marc Jacobs long skirt. Not quite as opulent - it will do!

My Spring Capsule Wardrobe is:
1. Gold Dress Coat (2003)
2. Denim shorts (cut down from pair of Lucky jeans bought in NYC 2004)
3. See by Chloe top (TK Maxx 2007)
4. Black polo (H&M 2008)
5. Silver Maxi skirt (Kate Moss first collection 2007)
6. Vintage Maxi dress (my mum)
7. Topshop dress (courtesy of Sharon Rose Vintage)
8. H&M oversized organic jumper (Nov 2009)
9. Cowboy boots (2005)
10. Mary Jane's (Toast 2006)


1. Red costume ring (Dorothy Perkins 2009)
2. Diamanté hoop earring (Accessorize)
3. Leopard print scarf (H&M 2008)
4. Navy Patent belt (LK Bennett 2009)
5. Vintage 1940s handbag (ebay 2007)

Apologies as the photo quality is very poor. My camera has gone walkies and my blackberry isn't the best - but soon I upgrade to an iphone! I'll be wearing my outfit today to Sainsbury to do the weeks shopping with the petit garcon and he'll be wearing Woody the Cowboy pyjamas if I don't get a move on and dress him!

Gold dress coat (altered Wallis 2003), H&M organic oversized jumper, Kate Moss silver maxi skirt (first collection)

Topshop dress (2006) Vintage 70s maxi dress

Patent belt, scarf, hoop earring, red ring and vintage 40s bag

Cowboy Boots

Mary Jane shoes

See by Chloe top, black polo, denim shorts
Day 1 outfit


  1. Love the shorts over the tights ensemble. Can't wait to see more of the challenge outfits. xoxo

  2. Love it !
    Is 48 too old to wear shorts?? I know the answer dont worry but its doesnt stop me loving the look, I used to wear an outfit so similar. I also had the Kate Moss skirt and loved it. I gave it to my friends daughter as she loved it more and made her very happy xx
    Great work Kate

  3. I love to see these Capsule wardrobe challenges, so inspirational xx Like Ruth, I would have to give the shorts a miss but my daughters always wear them in winter over opaques.

  4. Wildernesschic - no age is a barrier to anything if executed well! I've started running again and my thighs seem to fill the shorts compared to last year. Muscles are great, ie no cellulite but mean firmer thighs!

    Mrs Fab - shorts are massive for summer, lots of lovely ones in the shops, nice slouchy, baggy ones in a good way due to material.

  5. Love that Chloe top! Cute outfit x

  6. I like your capsule wardrobe challenge too. Can't wait to see the maxi skirt.

  7. I am so jealous - I just don't have the legs for shorts. You look fab. Great selection.

  8. I love this lace top and Mary Janes!

  9. shorts over tights are soooo now. great outfit

  10. I have an iPhone and want to go back to a BlackBerry!

  11. How cute are you in the shorts/tights/ and boots? the answer: VERY CUTE!

  12. I bet the gold dress looks amazing on in the summer!

  13. I love your fearlessness! Wish I had an ounce of that while selecting my clothes.

  14. Another great challenge - well done - don't worry there will be other great sample sales in April I will keep you posted


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