Friday, 14 May 2010

Blogging power/love/insight/kick arse

I am in the midst of series of post designed to recession proof your wardrobe. The UK is in the midst of hard times. We are facing a big squeeze and probably personal cash flow issues. I will resume Project 100 next week but yesterday and today I read two really important post for different reasons.

The first one is a personal favourite. It is the point of blogging in my view - when the establishment is challenged. I love my work within the fashion industry but sometimes the freedom of creativity is abused. Sister Wolf has worked tirelessly to expose the hideous behaviour of Terry Richardson and then Tavi posted this! Resulting in this post. All I can say is watch the blogosphere... and don't buy bikinis from H&M, ok they are cheap I'll let you off but write to them and register your disgust at them using sleazy Terry.

The second one is really really useful - it is the insight into the suffering of someone else. I once wanted to shoot some clothes in a situation that was emotionally difficult but it was deemed too subversive! It was only about break ups. I wanted the models to be in despair at the end of an relationship. Great clothes with messy make up due to tears, a drink throwing situation etc. Oh well someone else has probably done it now. I still use being 'dumped' or 'stood up' as a direction tool with emerging models who need to imagine things to change their body language or get a bit of attitude and it always makes them laugh in the end so we get the great happy shot too.

All of which is a bit flippant given the rightly serious nature of La Belette Rouge's post on living with infertility. Just take some time to read it.


  1. Dear sweet you, thank you so much for that incredible link. I am very touched that you included it in this post. It means a lot to me.

    I will take your advice on H&M and I will of course follow your other links. And I for one love to see models who look like they are really feeling something and not just pretty vacant.

  2. Great post. Terry Richardson is such a scumbag and I'm glad Tavi is speaking out against him with her influence.


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