Thursday, 27 May 2010

Project 100 - a few LBD's

Much as I've tried, one LBD never does all occasions. The LBD is life saver, the ultimate hero piece of any wardrobe. I think countless designers have tried the multiple one LBD dress thing but I'm afraid that isn't the solution either. The differing styles of the LBD speaks volumes.

The strapless LBD -This is the most obvious number for a host of events from gala diners to cocktails for two. You can find this style in any shop for any budget from late October/early November.

Herve Leger Strapless bandage dress Net-A-Porter

The art gallery opening LBD - slightly directional but always minimalist, this little black dress number needs to work with glasses and a pensive look.

See by Chloe A-Symmetric Dress my-wardrobe

The dinner party guest LBD - Not to showy, better to cover than flaunt. This LBD needs to keep it all reigned in, no matter how much you drink. Just add some glitzy earrings.
MaxMara wool mix dress Matches

The LBD shift dress - an easy throw on for a no thinking required day. Either add a jacket, cardigan or alternatively put a shirt or jumper underneath. Versatile and useful.

The very important meeting LBD - when a head of the game attitude is required then the black dress needs to be a hybrid of masculinity and femininity. Go for long sleeves and a collar, it will fit and look the business.

Discount Halston gloss effect silk dress The Outnet

The **** me LBD - what women wear to be the top fashion dog, and what actually attracts men are two different issues. Trust me when I say, look at Joan in Mad Men for bedroom action via clothes.

Evianna Duchess Satin Dress Coast

Going out for drinks with girlfriends LBD - this is a fun night out but requires a bit of effort and a sassy number. It's not a competition but you want to make the effort. The shape, detail and a shorter length will do all the talking without screaming look at me.

The dinner date LBD - A simple but sophisticated number that presents you with a sense of ease. Choose a deconstructed but soft look. Nice hair, nails and make up will make you sparkle all night long over candle light.
Layla dress All Saints

The country weekend/city break LBD - The dress that works with riding boots or wellies. The addition of a warm jumper makes it look like a skirt. Wear with a pea jacket or trench coat and feel a million dollars whatever the weather on your weekend away. It can double up as an evening dress to keep packing to a minimum.

MaxMara dress from Matches

The beach to bar LBD - After an afternoon of lying on the pool or beach lounger. Pull this out, Birkin style, from your beach basket and make to the bar.


  1. My Favourites there are .. The short sleeve Max Mara, Oasis and the French Connection .. lovely choices xx

  2. You forgot the black leather dress! It can do the dinner party AND double as a f**k-me dress. Hopefully.

  3. I love that Chloe dress 1 million/10 but alas I can't buy it as am thrifting it up like all get out. How is your tour going? Do you have groupies a la Keef and Mick?

  4. I'll have both the MaxMaras and also the Layla dress ...

  5. Loving the beach to the bar one! Loving your blog btw, really original!

    Please follow me on:

  6. I think I would quite like to own all of these... The MaxMara dress is divine and looks so comfortable as well as very stylish. And the Halston one is gorgeous too. Think I need to win the lottery soon!

  7. Hey there. Great post here. I enjoy checking out your blog. Hope you've had a wonderful week. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.

  8. I love the sleeveless Max Mara with the skinny belt and the sexy little satin number, the the Oasis dress is the perfect work day/date night dress. All it needs is a change of accessories and attitude.

  9. I certainly have my share of useful LBDs but I'm totally against wearing black for really big events. I think people default to that safe option, hoping they look like Audrey Hepburn but they don't. Only Audrey Hepburn looks like Audrey Hepburn. I'd rather invest in one drop-dead eye-catching dress than an extra LBD. I don't mind wearing the noticeable one year after year, either.

  10. Great choices. My daughter has the FC Bex dress and loves it, that is what student loans are for apparently!

  11. I definitely want the 'very important meeting LBD'! I might even invent some meetings just to justify this dress. Gorgeous!

  12. oh dear! so many options!

    i think the shift one is the most versatile. it can be dressed down with flip-flops or dressed up with diamonds...

  13. -i adore the herve leger dress. his stuff is amazing,
    i lov this blog, it's really cute and has some awesome pieces.
    havea good day!

  14. What an amazing selection of black dresses and I DO agree with you, they don't do ALL occasions.
    Also, sometimes a dress is so MEMORABLE even though it's black that you can't get away with wearing it over and over with different accessories and expect for it to go unnoticed.
    Tell me, just las week I wore a LBD and the back of it is like it been torn apart....
    It will be a while since I can wear again or at least I have to find a different crowd!

  15. love post re black dresses, love a black dress, the last dress makes me think of one of FF's. so of course I want it.


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