Friday, 14 May 2010

Wardobe Sort Out Anyone?

Next Saturday morning May 22nd I've got a trainee stylist who need to observe and assist me on a wardrobe sort out. Anyone in Central or South West London who would like their wardrobe examined/sorted/advised upon?

Let me know in comment box.


  1. I would love this! Although it sounds slightly terrifying I think it would be absolutely awesome. I live in SW1 so nice and central and could provide lunch/tea/cakes/wine too! M x

  2. Marie - done! That would be fab and coffee & cakes please xx Will tweet you to confirm

  3. If I lived in London, it would take you and a team of trainees a month to tackle my wardrobe, which is basically spread all over the house and loft! But oh how I wish I did...

    Queen Marie

  4. wish I lived in London! Might do my own mini sort out today!


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