Thursday, 20 May 2010

Zip my dress up please darling

Where would a gal be without a dress that needed zipping up. How else can you get your other half's attention or have fun in a changing room with contortion moves. I've zipped countless dresses in my time and I find the process of zipping most satisfying.

I also have to tell models, actresses and clients you step into a dress with a zip back and one with a zip on the side goes over your head. If I had a pound for every time I say it well...

I love a dress because it says so much by the cut, the colour and the cloth. Day, evening or night a dress can work its magic. As I'm dedicating a whole post to the LBD, there won't be one on this post.

The cocktail dress - synonymous with classical Hollywood, the cocktail dress screams grown up glamour. I'm leaning more to the post war style when women really began to kick up their heels and go out for cocktails. So I've selected a vintage dress from Shrimpton Couture as a splendid example of what a cocktail dress should be.

1950s Pale Green Cocktail Dress USD $350

The going to the bar dress - this of course is the modern equivalent of the cocktail dress and says meeting girlfriends a la Sex and the City. Just add high heels and a clutch. Sorry the image is ridiculously tiny so click on link below! Why do some internet sites prevent use of images - don't they know about blogging.
Reiss Hermione Dress £195

The exceedingly useful wedding/christening/graduation dress
- guess what I've got this one. I would say that the format is quality and style over fashion trend. Buy the right dress and you'll never be lost again for when that invitation arrives. Then all you have to do is accessorise with the seasons costume jewellery and shoes. Find similar styles at Coast or in a charity shop.
Moschino Satin cocktail dress £264 The Outnet

The tunic dress - So useful and suits any shape. No bust issues either. Day or night with heels, flats or boots and perfect with leggings. High St or internet choose a print and some colour.
Fairy dress by Designers Remix at my-wardrobe £159

2 x The work dress - the bar was raised by Roland Mouret and his galaxy dress, which has spawned a thousand copies. But that is good news if you want a high st number for not too much outlay. I've selected one option from M&S as it is a good example of what you can find to wear to the office if you look. Maybe linen is a bit impractical but it is a nice colour. There's more choice when winter comes and Oasis usually have a great one for around £70.

M&S Pure Linen square neck dress £35

2 x a print dress - Because so many of us choose black or a block colour it is important to make sure you've got a print dress in your wardrobe. A great print whether abstract, floral or other is a must. Look for inspiration in the collections on Car boot sales, vintage shops or charity shops offer opportunites to find some vintage print dresses. One feels Miuccia Prada had visited the print archive somewhere for next season's Prada dresses.

The maxi dress - Goes without saying these days why you need a maxi dress. Very useful all year round it seems, 'nuff said.

A white dress - If Betty Draper hasn't converted you to a white dress then listen to me. A good white dress works wonders. Forget being a bride. All white is where it is at. I've chosen a lacy one with some ruffle detail. Of course it works well for dinner or drinks on a summer evening but equally the same is true in the cooler months. Don't wear one to a wedding unless you really are the bride! Again the image is rubbish so click on link below to see it properly.

Reiss Missy Dress £159

I've cheated a bit by assigning the number 2 against a work dress and a print dress but there will be a further 10 dresses all black next week. Make your dresses colourful and not black, your wardrobe will love you.


  1. Love the Reiss mini.. nearly bought it last time I was in London.. just thought I was a little old as it was so short on me in my size. xx

  2. I like the vintage cocktail dress - it's lovely.

  3. ooooh I vote Tunic dress, it looks luxe easy and chic!
    Had to laugh about the Zip coments tho.. On Tuesday I had a wardrobe session with a client and i was wearing a zip back dress.. spent 3hours with client then plodded round Sainsburys only to meet my sister in the eve who pointed out that i had not actually zipped the dress up.... It was unziped half way down my back!!!! ooooooppps!

  4. I prefer being laced into a dress. That's why I love Sarah Whitworth clothes so much. ;)

    Also, buttons. Or wraparounds.

    I seem to have big issues with zips myself. Everytime I get an amazing new vintage piece with a zip, it busts. Like it was just waiting for me, pretending to be fully functioning and then....bam!

  5. LOVE all frocks and esp the tunic -well done. Mentioned you and India's Thrift in my blog x

  6. What I love most about dresses are that they are just so easy, like a ready made outfit! That said I hardly own any as I find most styles dont suit me as well as separate. So fab picks here tho!

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  8. I am still searching for a white dress, but like Ruth, I feel the one pictured is a bit short!

  9. I love that vintage dress from Shrimpton Couture. Classically beautiful. It would need long gloves, a bag in the crook of the arm and BIG sunnies! x

  10. J'aime beaucoup la robe vintage elle a une allure indémodable, c'est une pure merveille.



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