Sunday, 9 January 2011

Beckenham Palace Reigns

I'm sure it isn't fashionable to be an all round fan of the Beckhams from the moment they got together. Both of them were quite the young skinny spotty pair and to me it seems like only yesterday being a lover of football not so much the Spice Girls. Then they got married, had the purple themed wedding thing in either Hello or Ok! ramping up the stakes of ostentatious wedding sharing but we forgave them as Brooklyn was so cute.

Then you'd bump into them occasionally on the Kings Road on route to Sloane St pushing the pram with matching looks and invariably wearing Gucci. I suppose I grew up with their relationship as it unfolded in a way that I haven't with anyone else. Of course there were times when I thought Victoria lacked taste but I never stooped to the rumoured Tom Ford rant to his then PR office at Gucci, ordering them to stop giving 'her our clothes', only to be told 'she has bought them'. Who knows the truth of this now given Victoria through sheer focus, grit, hard work and some helpful financial backing (of her own) has climbed to the dizzy heights of designing a fashion collection - a successful one at that.

With Victoria and David you get the sense of a couple who've worked at their marriage and worked at their life. Mention the forthcoming royal wedding and I can barely suppress a yawn. However, how excited am I at the imminent blow by blow account of Victoria's pregnancy. My fondness for the Beckham's flames my interest whilst I fail to get excited by Brad and Angelina.

I'm no snob and I like the fact they've stuck through it thick and thin and ignored the gossip of the world around them. There is something in their family solidarity that seems more fashionable than citing 'the toll of working apart' for the breakdown of a marriage. I'm not advocating people staying together but the Beckham's have a hold as a couple in the same way as the Queen and Prince Phillip. And in both cases where duty and responsibility as parents might have strained them more by sticking it out during the bad times, it seems the good times shine brighter all the more for it.

It seems there is a case for making do in a relationship that tests you when the basis was built on a strong genuine love. I'll leave it to Coco's Tea Party to do the beefy stuff on what a great wardrobe the child might have if its a girl. I need to grab a tissue to wipe away a tear and have a lie down at finding my sentimental where are my Tom Ford sunglasses.


  1. Brand Beckham is in full force. They have played it very well I think. Giles knows her and says she's great and is very funny and self deprecating. I've only met her briefly, once when I worked at the Big Breakfast and the Spice Girls came in and started performing in the middle of the office... we told them to go away.

    I like her VB dresses but they are sooo expensive. Can't believe she's pregnant again! xx

  2. Gosh you are fast with this news.It has been on off news for a while. Hope it is her long hoped for girl this time. VB is driven - one of her quotes once a long time ago was that she wanted to be as well know as OMO. Well hats off to her she has well and truly done this. I think they make a great team. Xxxx

  3. I really do love them. They've stuck together through a hell of a lot and don't give a lot away about their relationship. I'm so pleased that they're having another child- I really hope it's a girl xx

  4. In the early days my very uninterested in celebrity husband said, " They're obviously so in love leave them alone." Well they did put it about a bit in the meeja after that. But although Victoria has had success with her designer dress label, I am very suspicious of the fashion media 'silence' and 'praise' about them. The designs do look OK in the photos and on the celebs who wear them, but did they pay good money or were they freebies for promotion? Actually they look very nice to me as I love structured clothes. But range after range and season after season they now seem to look exactly alike. How long does a fashion design student have to train? And how long before, if ever does he/she get the funding to produce and present a collection? If only the money spent by the Beckhams for Victoria's rich girl's hobby had been used to support the British fashion industry and aspiring talented designers.

  5. Ah ha Kate this maybe the one time I can match you in hob-nobing with celebs. They used to live near me, in fact all the Man U footballers did at one time, and I saw Victoria and David in our local Tescos they shoped there all the time!
    I agree I love them, especially VB, I simply adore her and her determination. I do hope she has a girl, that Birkin collection needs an heir!

  6. Well we are all coming out the closet now aren't we?! I think Victoria Beckham is just fabulous and she seems to have a brilliant sense of humour (my favourite thing in a person). I sincerely hope they have a girl but they sure produce some good looking boys - almost petit garcon quality.

  7. I will never forget the purple thrones at their wedding!

    Victoria is surprisingly good at reproducing for such a skinny lil thing.

    I do enjoy her.

  8. I am also a secret fan (to the HORROR of Spouse) and I love her dresses. If someone gave me a big wodge of cash and said 'you must spend this on one dress' it would be a VB. I've got my fingers crossed they finally have a girl. Or maybe she'll go into maternity design!!

  9. Hi there-much congratulations to her and David, I do so hope it is a girl-they are such a hardworking husband and wife who are clearly dedicated to each other, well done them x

  10. Being Pregnant is the New Black. I'm a joiner so I've hopped on the bandwagon too xxx PS LOVE that colour orange. So cheery.

  11. I'm shamefully, breathlessly excited about Victoria's pregnancy too. What will she do with her hair? What will be the big statement, bump covering bag? What will be her preggers wardrobe?

    I think the Beckhams deserve a little girl this time round.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  12. Ha Ha, love the last sentence! I love them too, hate Brad and Ang and have always refused to believe that Becks really shagged that Slut, Loos!


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