Friday, 21 January 2011

Fashion madness abounds

Mmmm, well and um. Hardly the sort of response one would hope for when launching a new fashion line, or designing menswear or designing for a high street store. But lets put it this way, Rachel Zoe stylist designs clothes, some thingy person to do with Lady Gaga designs Thierry Mugler for mens collection and a Swedish fashionista blogger is doing something fashiony for H&M.

Now don't get me wrong the idea that someone should be stuck in the same job forever with no hope for a change is archaic. I'm all for the patchwork quilt world of achievement. In fact it makes my decision making seem perfectly normal.

Thank goodness for fashion madness it makes stupid tv programming look normal. Whilst I'm bored of the fashion madness, I am mad that the Good Wife is now a new series on More 4 relegated to the backwater of old school viewing, no HD.

You see dumbing down is all walks of life.

Does anyone care about the Good Wife apart from me? Am I so out of fashion? And who will be buying all the stylist turned designer, thingy Gaga thing turned designer, blogger turned designer - stuff?


  1. Let's face it, they don't design alone any more than starts 'wrote' their own autobiographies or went into the labs and developed their own perfumes and so forth.

    I don't think anyone will be fooled.

    I don't mind when a star 'selects' a collection- I can see them doing that. But at least when Kate Moss did her Topshop range, for example, she went on TV clearly working with a team who guided her.

    I don't mind that- but no-one's fooled that these people become re-skilled overnight so why do they pretend?

  2. Yes, I feel a similar way to you about this BUT I hadn't heard of the swedish blogger for h&m? Do you have a link? I'm interested.....

  3. Depends how good they are really. Xxxx

  4. Yes, the Emperor really is naked! There...I said it.

    And, yes, I like The Good Wife too. Watched it from the beginning. If that makes me out of touch with the zeitgeist so be it. I'm not really sure what it means anyway.

  5. I didn't mind the Kate Moss at TopShop collection as it was loosely based on what she'd previously wore, I never thought it was designed by her just inspired by her sense of style.
    I had to google Rachel Zoe as I had no idea who she was.
    I'm woefully bad at following TV series, I still haven't seen Mad Men. xxx

  6. I cant say for the other collections, but the blogger for H&M (Klein??) anyway I came across it and from the images I certainly would buy, there was a structured blazer and long dress that were very well designed and simply stunning - shame it wont be available over here! I think if someone has a talent then we should celebrate that. Mind you Pat Fields is an excellent stylist but there is not way I would wear any of her designs LOL!

  7. Sorry it was Kling here's the link to the post I read:
    I think H&M should employ her full time!

  8. I love the Good Wife but sadly I have missed the first episode of the current season because I never knew it was on! If you like the clothes it shouldn't matter who designed them. I like what I have seen of Rachel Zoe's collection but then I like the way she styles herself. I would never queue up for a designer/high st collaboration.

  9. Keep meaning to watch the good wife.. So many good shows I miss due to the footy ;)
    I liked quite a few pieces from the Kate Moss collection and the quality was good too... But ..oh no I did buy a Zandra Rohdes at M&S too xx

  10. I love The Good Wife and have finally found a website were I can view it for free (since living in Spain means being deprived of non-dubbed tv watching) and I'm so happy.
    The rest I cannot comment on.

  11. I'm not opposed to bloggers moving on to other things within the industry as long as they have genuine talent, although I can see how it might be annoying to people who've slogged their guts out to get where they are to be leapfrogged by someone who does it as a hobby.

    I've still not watched s1 of The Good Wife but it's recorded and waiting for me...

  12. Phew glad it isn't just me who likes the Good Wife!
    Also I think Rachel Zoe will do well she has a good eye and the vibe is spot on - I will wait to feel the material. The guy desinger thing for Mugler was a bit too gimpy for me. Can't comment on Swedish blogger though will look now Pearl has assisted and prevented me from continuing to be lazy!

    Alex - you make the best point which I failed to do. People train for years and it is much underrated. We don't do that to architects, accountants, doctors - give a blogger a go etc so why to fashion designers?

  13. I haven't seen the Good WIfe. But so many smart and wonderful bloggers love it that I am going to give it a go.

    And I will not be buying anything that Rachel Zoe makes. Her style is not my style. I don't even like bananas.

  14. Dear Kate, I know Nicola and he's an excellent stylist (Gaga aside). I'm interested to see what he does at Mugler for women. I love Rachel Zoe's vintage collection but not whether I'd buy her designs. I haven't bought anything from H&M since Stella did her collection and even then I got it on Ebay.

    On your recommendation I am borrowing Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Mad Men from my friend. I've always meant to watch the Good Wife too. I have to watch everything from the start so I'd add that to the Amazon list.

    Let's get together very soon, have a fab weekend xx

  15. The Good Wife is my favorite show right now!


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