Sunday, 9 January 2011

Correspondence Sunday

Since my decision to transfer all my creative endeavours to my writing, I decided that I also need to get organised. I've long been inspired by Fashion's Most Wanted being the queen of life laundry. Her ability to sort things out is wonderful and she does it in such style.

As well as having an organised home, I also wanted to undertake seemingly old fashioned correspondence. I've always admired the novelists and poets who wrote to friends and family leaving a trail of their thoughts and experiences on paper.

Writing a blog is good discipline, as is writing and editing my scripts, but somehow a letter requires more organisation of thoughts to convey pen to paper.

I'd recently gathered all my scatterings of postcards, stationery and cards in various places in the house and put them together in a box so I could begin to correspond. I started to make the effort last year and have a number of outstanding items to post which were interrupted by bad weather so they are on my to do list. I was amazed to find a box of Smythson cards and envelopes which I received years ago. I'd obviously been saving them for best but thought I'd better get on with using up.

The box containing envelopes and note cards

The note card with its shoe, bag & hat motif

My first Sunday Correspondence was a mix of writing with a practical bent to four companies that I've not heard from and think they must not have received my address changes of over 3 years ago! I'm sure they will be shocked to receive a beautiful card inside a premium quality envelope and all handwritten. I'm hoping that the Sir or Madam that opens it will feel the thrill of such paper quality and the detail of the card. Or more likely they'll think some dotty old lady is in the house!

What are your views on correspondence and hand written letters?


  1. It was for very similar reasons that I started writing a proper diary a few years ago. I'd been reading loads of books based on letters and diaries and although I'm not bigheaded enough to think that anyone would be interested in my life after I'm gone, I wanted something a bit more permanent than streams of emails and texts.

    I think letter writing is becoming a lost art. I'm not good at it unless I'm replying to other letters because I just can't keep hold of a coherent train of thought. No idea why this happens but it makes for some scatty letters!

  2. I love stationary and appreciate a quality envelope, it is such s simple pleasure. I would be happy using wax and seal too!

  3. Hi my dear-hand written letters are so much more well received, I don't do them that often but agree they are more stylish and add that personal touch xx

  4. Dear Kate, thank you for saying that. You'll have to see if my life laundry really is successful when you come round this week!

    Alex is writing letter writing is a lost art. I love to receive something handwritten on some quality paper. Even a lovely handwritten card is great. I haven't got into e cards yet but have received some gorgeous animated ones. Handwritten are much more personal.

    Hope you're having a good Sunday. We're off to the pub for a roast xx

  5. I think it is the ultimate to receive a handwritten note. Almost a shock in this day and age!
    I am just getting to the bottom of my box of personalized stationary from Crane. Thanks for reminding me I need to buy more... and that a box shouldn't last 4 years!

  6. I used to love having penpals and receiving handwritten letters through the post. I always write thank you letters after Xmas and birthdays and like having pretty notelets and writing paper to hand to make the task a bit more enjoyable. xxx

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  8. I love the idea of writing and receiving letters, especially if it's on gorgeous stationery!

  9. In one minute; 18 children die of starvation; lightening strikes the earth 360 times; 27 mill people are working as slaves; Oprah Winfrey makes $523; Elegance Vintage saves the world from an inadvertent e.

  10. Cybill - your wit astounds me. I'm suitably admonished over the e - in fact if it would help I'd take one but am too chicken to do so and actually recently I find I prefer a stiff whiskey with or without an e!

  11. I recently started writing letters again. It feels so good and it makes other people feel really special. I also write lots of thank you cards. Being a freelancer means you're always thanking people for employing you!


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