Wednesday, 26 January 2011

In which I prostitute my skin

I have no problem with admitting to being a teensy weensy bit vain. I'm of the school of thought that a bit of vanity is good for you as it motivates you to preserve oneself.

As a realist I know that the ageing process is here to stay! All the evidence points that way. Of course now one is in her forties the trick is to create allusion of youthfulness in as many ways as possible that do not degenerate to trying to be young. I'm a firm believer that youthfulness is a spirit and enjoying life is the purpose. Many a person has uttered the words 'youth is wasted on the young' but of course they are somewhat missing the point. I think a mix of arrogance, introspection and a disregard for anyone over the age of 25 is a healthy state of mind when you are young. I always remember thinking people of 30 and over were old! If I knew what I knew now I still would not have missed out on carefree sun soaked, cigarette smoking holidays in Spain, Italy and Greece. What not going skinny dipping at midnight and all manner of unmentionable things one gets up to with out a thought for any consequences even though I might have felt mildly worried about being naked and exposed.

I would do it all again and whilst I never smoked apart from on the Mediterranean, I did happily lie in parks, on the beach and in the garden in the UK to soak up the suns rays. I didn't lay still for very long as I was too fidgety and if I was too hot then I would go in the shade. Plus I did on the whole miss the midday to early afternoon rays. But in reality I've never avoided the sun but equally nor have I been a sun worshipper. I just love the sunshine. Even in the winter I make sure I get outside to get some daylight even if it is cloudy or rainy as I attempt to claim my dose of vitamin D. Lighting up a cigarette would be an impossibility now as I cannot stand the smell of them, which is a by product of the smoking ban in public places, nor could I inhale as I'm not sure I managed that in the first place with my pretend 'film star' moments.

All in all apart from a slight bit of redness in the winter on my nose I have no skin damage from the sun. Apparently according to a top dermatologist friend sun damage manifests itself in sun spots and broken veins. I have neither but my nose does get a bit cold in the winter causing redness and it is my fault my honker likes the warmth of the sun. The redness is damage of the connective tissues but it is so mild, it is nothing to worry about unlike people who suffer with rosacea. All I have to do is keep factor 20+ on the hooter all year round which I do.

Of course my skin has taken a turn for the better with my use of Arbonne RE9 anti ageing skin care. I cannot believe how much my pores have shrunk and I have a daily fresh glow to my skin. Of course I don't think I look 10 years younger but I don't look too old. In fact recently a cameraman thought he was being a bit rude when he thought I was 35 and he was only querying my age due to an intelligent remark I made! They are rare. He thought I was too young to be so observant.

I know I'm selling the products but I'm not going to apologise for promoting this any more because I'm proud I work hard and get to write and have a good family life. For the first time ever I've managed to find that work/life balance.

I took two really harsh, close up, no frills photos of my skin. The first is after the regime of morning products. The second after I added the make up primer. Both are with my iphone and each time the flash went off. In the second photo the evenness of the primer creates a sheen and the effect is obvious.

My vanity wants me not to post these photos as I feel like crying - because when you concentrate and take the photo yourself your face contours in to something hideous! I don't even look this bad when I peer in the mirror on an off day. I cropped them so the skin texture is clear and stark. I have no make up on in either, anywhere. The only help is my shaped and tinted eyebrows.

You can see the slight rosacea of the nose and the deeper line next to my nose and eye is caused in part by my swimming goggles and lack of proper sleep. I struggle to get goggles which don't cause the deep marks around the eyes. And as you get older it takes the skin a bit longer to recover. I do have some training ones which don't cause it but they let in too much water.

The effect of the primer is to create an even mask. This is why the flash has blasted out the face.
What the camera can't convey is how soft my skin is and how healthy it looks in natural light. The beauty of the Arbonne products is that they are free from all nasties. No parabens, no nothing. Pure, clean and botanical, which is a bonus if you are a Vegan. When I first started to use the RE9 anti ageing range I felt my skin tingle and I had a bit of redness all over because the ingredients are so potent they really work with your skin. It is only the top layer of the epidermis that products interact with although serum does help the 'sinking in' process.

I'm never going to get down and dirty with such exposing pictures again! You can buy Arbonne products from my website and I am more than happy to provide you with samples or a product tester kit depending on your locality. Just email me, particularly to find out how to get these great products at discounted rates. That is the beauty of having an Arbonne account you can save money on great products plus earn points or money.

And it is not just me that thinks this - Urban Retreat spa in Harrods have just brought in Arbonne products for treatments and sale.


  1. Your skin is so good. Sun protection is about the best thing you can do for your skin. Although, I'd argue against claims on 'nasty' chemicals but sometimes I have to take my day job head as a cosmetic regulator off and just be a blogger...

  2. Dear Kate, your skin looks good! Not sunbathing does help. I haven't really for years either but I do smoke.

    Looking forward to trying Arbonne products. I love the sound of the primer! xx

    PS. When I did the post about the health kick I considered posting a "before" pic of me in my bra and knickers but it would have been pointless as I've done sod all!

  3. Oooh this product sounds amazing! Do you think it'll work on very oily skin like mine?

  4. Your skin looks very good. You are very brave to do this.
    Also I wanted to congratulate you on finding a way to do what you like best and still earn a living. I think you´re doing so well with all of this and your blog is a pleasure to read.
    I wish I could afford the products, but not just yet (who knows when I´ve acquired yet another client).

  5. Hi my dear-well done on showing us all how the products work, its great to see how you are endorsing this quality line and I'm sure you will do really well selling Arbonne xx

  6. in the thumbnail I thought it was Kate Moss :) You look fab xx

  7. I never had you down for being anywhere near 40! I love the sun and once burnt my face in Ibiza and got sunstroke, I couldn't even open my eyes they were so swollen! I have also smoked since I was 13 and eat a load of crap but I am vain in other ways, I couldn't bear for anybody to see any grey on my head and have my hair done every four weeks! I would love botox but can't afford it but have good skin apart from wrinkles and never use foundation no matter what season but I did have a rather large sample of striVectin which I wanted when it was first launched at Harvey Nicks ages ago and I do think it has made a difference, would love to try your products though, if its good enough for Harrods.....

  8. Love arbonne products I am a preferred client and get discounts. I call it my cost centre as I buy in what I want.

  9. Kate, you have lovely skin. I can rarely post full-length photos of myself, so kudos to you! And good for you in finding your work/life balance - it's what we're all aiming for! xx


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