Sunday, 2 January 2011

It was....different

Sparing you the why I was spending New Year in Bristol and at The Clifton Club for New Year's Eve, it merely leaves me to say it was different! Save for one tweet when Mrs Bossa told me she was having a Studio 54 vibe night and I fessed up I wasn't, I bore up well. The location was splendid, the company good but when my sister in law and I lowered our expectations from requesting Yaz The Only Way is Up to the Beatles A Hard Day's Night we knew we weren't going to be killing our feet on the dance floor.

The most striking event of the night was me catching some old duffer (who apparently was a brain surgeon) snogging, passionately I might add, a women who later I realised wasn't his wife. Somethings never change on New Years Eve regardless of age and social standing.

You know nothing can wrong when greeted by a potted plant and a warm fire rather than a bouncer or two

At least the men were suitably attired

What I sat down to

It was all very splendid in a very old school charming way

Seeing in the New Year eighteenth century style

I have no idea how to play backgammon but I would have taken it up in advance had I known it was an option!

Instead I choose to make like Betty Draper or Joan and sit at the bar wearing the Calvin Klein dress as Mr MDS broke the zip on my first option a lovely vintage number from Penny Dreadful Vintage (but in fairness I might be a few pounds heavier - opps!)

Mmmm midnight approaches champers or drambuie - oh hell both!

The view from the window and outside of the Clifton Club

More Christmas lights on the streets of Clifton taken prior to some women stumbling out of a wine bar declaring she 'was wankered'

The soon to be launched Cote brasserie in Clifton by the owners of the Ivy - they can smell money and good times. It does look like it will be lovely and it runs downstairs of 3 buildings so will be quite large.


  1. Sounds like a very civilized new year.
    I've eaten in a couple of Cote's in London and it's always lovely food and good staff, enjoy.

    Happy new year

  2. Yes, it was a little different from NYE chez Bossa - though yours looks infinitely more sophisticated. Backgammon, indeed - must dust off my board... Glad to see we agree that it makes a difference when the gents scrub up properly! xx

  3. Dear Kate, your New Year looks very civilised... unlike mine! You look fab in the dress and pearls and your hair looks great. A very happy New Year to you xx

  4. Hi my dear-I love this picture of you, so very Audrey Hepburn. Your New Years Eve sounds very decadent indeed, hope you can get your vintage dress repaired ok too xx

  5. Kate, you look absolutely stunning, the height of elegance and glamour and perfect for that swanky setting.
    The Clifton looks very old school posh, loving that chandelier.
    I'd probably be the wankered woman stumbling out of the wine bar. xxx

  6. Wonder if the brain surgeon had any fallout the next day? Friends of his wife there? lol

  7. You look smashing!! I've come to prefer a quieter type of New Year's Eve celebration, so probably would've enjoyed this. What a rare treat to see people actually dressed up!

  8. Doriana - his wife was there and I was the only one who saw and I don't know any of them - it amused me more than anything and shows not matter how old if you fancy it...

  9. You look gorgeous! And, sadly, that is my kind of NYE.

  10. what a gorgeous new year! i'm really liking the surroundings...and your breakfast at tiffanys outfit! so nice!

  11. You look gorgeous in that black dress and pearl necklace - tres chic!

  12. Happy New Years! Very sophisticated. We went for dinner but it was disasterous - I can only assume the chef was celebrating early because the food was inedible!!
    Should have stuck to the booze. ;)

  13. Oh no! I have been busting zips on my things rceently too, time for a wee health kick methinks. The Calvin is gorgeous though, fits like a glove on you and is very figure flattering. Happy 2011 xx

  14. Kate, you look so, so beautiful in that picture. I wish I could pull off that level of elegance!

    The whole evening sounds like a dream. Mine was considerably more debauched and I rather paid the price on New Year's day :(


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