Sunday, 13 February 2011

Buy designer direct from blog!

My last ebay stint reminded my why I dislike ebay so much. The process and then the sale fees.

Before I go down the route of ebay with two designer items, I though I would offer here first. The beauty of this is I will post for free because I will be so grateful not to have to list the items.

The first item is a dress from Red Valentino it has only been worn once. It was used for a shoot and worn for all of 20 minutes as I made the model wear a dressing gown until right before the action moment. I'm an old fashioned stylist like that as I love to keep clothes pristine. For some reason I was given the dress and as I love Valentino I said yes knowing my fat hips wouldn't pass muster with the dress. I have admired it in my wardrobe for over 6 months and now need to move on!!

Red Valentino cocktail dress £105
Italian size 40, UK 8, US 4
Viscose, dry clean only
(price at new £480)

The next item is a pair of beautiful Tods shoes. Left behind after a shoot they have only been worn in doors although the leather sole is marked because the tape wasn't properly applied by an assistant. They are size 38.5 which is a size 5 or 5.5. I don't like to be imprecise but one persons 5 is another 5.5. I tried them on with very thick socks in the hope I could wear them as they as so classy but it didn't work!

to show heel not worn down

Tods patent leather courts/heeled pumps £85
size 38.5
, US 8
(price at new £390)

If you are interested in buying at the stated prices then please email me (as per details on blog).


  1. Wish I didn't have big hips and was a size 5.5. Never mind!

  2. OOh how gorgeous but prohibitavely small......I've never actually tried ebay it sort of scares me, I have many friends who buy and sell constantly but I feel it could easily become an addiction too far as I'm a sucker for a bargain. I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of an excellent second-hand designer label shop...mercifully it sticks to business hours!!

  3. Gorgeous items!
    Especially loving that dress!
    Good luck with the sale!


  4. I have never got my head round ebay, too much hassle and haggle! Lovely items on sale, too small for me sadly :( My new font is Cherry Cream Soda, I found it on the template designer. If you do a mood board, please do a post it would be great to see how you do one. xx

  5. oh-oh-oh I LOVE the dress, but there's NO way it would fit me! I hope that it goes to a good home!

    And the shoes are FAB. I hope you get loads of offers for them!

    Ali xxx

    PS - thanks so much for the 'flush' that you suggested!

  6. Sadly my boat-like-in-length feet would never fit into those lovely shoes. :( Hope they find someone to love them soon, they are delightful!

  7. What gorgeous things! That dress is stunning. xxx

  8. I'm too big all over for either of those beauties but I hope you find good homes for them.

  9. Beautiful dress and shoes. I wish that I was your petite size!

  10. The dress is gorgeous, but I think it would end up in the same way in my closet as it did in yours- unused:( I really need to lose weight so I can start buying all these awesome clothes! UGH!

  11. Size 40 italian IS NOT size 4. Trust me. It's a size 6/8.


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