Saturday, 19 February 2011

London Fashion Week is here

No high street pick of the week since it would clash dreadfully with London Fashion Week. After all fashion week is all about the inspiration and it is of course the shows which now more than ever tend to influence the high street and the way we dress.

Since I breathed a sigh of relief at my momentous decision to follow my heart's desire and write a film script waving adious to the day job of styling, I've really not given a stuff about all things fashion. I never get enthused about fashion weeks mainly because my first job as a fashion assistant involved being a lakey at many a show or being part of the events team. Somehow this has ingrained sense of working at a show within me, and when I attend one it finds me wanting to 'sort something out', I seem incapable of relaxing. Also thanks to the interweb the joy of live streaming or digesting images at ones leisure means less faff on the outfit front and lets me go for a swim instead. I do miss the networking, the gossip due to priceless moments and dreadful 'secrets' one stumbles upon.

So there was I content in the knowledge that I passed on tickets or passed tickets on but promised to go to the Vauxhall Scout Party, thinking about getting ready, trying to motivated myself. I'd decided to drive so no drinking which was a plus as it was really nippy outside and nothing is worse when you live in the south west London area than a cold Waterloo waiting for trains.

I had my outfit ready as per capsule wardrobe challenge and then a quick flurry on twitter and suddenly I was off to the Vivienne Westwood Palladium 'Get a Life' party, as consort to Queen Michelle. Dear Queen Marie, I will be sourcing you very nice tea to make up for usurping your place and being you!

Of course I had to drop off the Scout party invites to a very understanding WaceyStyle and felt very guilty but I really couldn't resist the allure of a party set at the Wallace Collection in Marylebone. Okay I mean Dame Viv...

Then I tried to nip across town with every light and bus against me but pulled up outside Selfrigdes to pick up Queen Michelle, who was shivering and didn't believe me last week when I told her it was cold in London.

Meanwhile a quick rewind, once I knew I was hotfooting it to Dame Viv's bash, I ran across the road to my friend Annabella's to nab one of her many Westwood items. She uses her Westwood shoes in lieu of porcelain! Unfortunately her feet are size 6 and mine are size 4. That's right I abandoned the capsule wardrobe outfit for a Westwood red label dress and jacket. I kept the tights though.

The party was splendid. It was a mix of culture, fashion, hedonism and egos all squeezed in to one. The Wallace collection was delightful to peruse and the interior of the building was magnificent. I was more impressed with the collection of armour and artwork on display than a brief 3 song performance by Jessie J. It actually took all 3 songs for Queen Michelle and I to remember her name. The bar yielded some great mixes and I did sip (only to taste) the Absolut Pear mixed with ginger bee, it was truly yummy. I will be trying at home.

The lighting was lovely within the space

A fringe affair

Jessie J performing in the distance

I did get impossible star struck upon seeing Dame Viv, even though I've bumped in to her on many an occasion even in WholeFoods in Clapham. She just looked wonderful and had a shawl to die for. She also put me to shame as her heels were higher than mine.

Equally splendid in a gorgeous scarlet red Bastyn dress was the lovely Mrs Trefusis and we had a quick chat about the party and its setting before I confessed to tiredness and skipping off. On our way out we had a cloakroom incident. Some person was stood on Queen Michelle's dress, the train bit, which was a gorgeous. I politely said 'excuse me' twice and as I went to say it a third time I got bored so firmly shoved the person off the dress. Queen Michelle was in hysterics as it was Cory Kennedy.

I dropped the royal party off at the 7th ring of hell in Bayswater as was my duty and then headed home. And that folks is the beginning and end of London Fashion Week for me as I head off to Bristol and Bath for the weekend. It was worth it.

images Daily Mail: Jessie J in the wonderful crown created by Vivienne Westwood


  1. I'm so annoyed I didn't take a camera last night as it was stunning. Even more annoyed that I didn't see you. Jessie looked gorgeous in that headpiece..

  2. Hi my dear!! Wow, what a night and a great way to say hello and goodbye to London Fashion Week! the jacket looks amazing on and it sounds a very decadent and chic affair, so pleased you had a fabulous night!! xx

  3. Sounds like you had fun but lucky you didn't get into a fight over Queen Michelle's train, I laughed at the image of you shoving somebody out of the way!

  4. Viv's party! Wow! That sounded like so much fun. The jacket looks stunning on you. Love the sound of the vodka drink and Jesse's crown is fabulous, I think I'll have recreate that for myself. xxx

  5. OMG, sounds you had such a great time!!!!
    You look wonderful, the jacket looks amazing. And what an opportunity.
    I'm so glad for you.

    Hope you'll have a weekend as trilled ;-)


  6. Kate, your tweets made me so jealous last night. I was having a campari and soda with pizza at home, watching Japanese cartoons in my bathrobe! Your outfit is gorgeous, that colour is perfect for you. Worth breaking a challenge certainly (and you know how I feel about rules). Have a lovely time in Bath x

  7. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww. How fantastic is that????

  8. Sounds (and looks) like a fabulous bash! Your fringe looks great.

  9. Dear Kate, it looks wonderful. I wish I'd gone now! And I could have seen you. I'm so lazy! I have stuff on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and I think that's enough for me. I'm such a couch potato these days.

    Love the Viv jacket. Isn't she fabulous? Have a great rest of the weekend xx

  10. What a glamorous event. Love all the fringe you featured( including yours). Jessie J looks resplendent in her Westwood crown. Love it all! Thank you for sharing the fun with us.xo

  11. I think your blog is incredible. Witty, informative and fun. I found it because of the Queen Michelle mention and you write in such an entertaining fashion I'm hooked

  12. ooooh it's a whole other world!

    What an event!!!! Look, I'm using millions of exclamation marks!! Queen Michelle!!! Mrs Trefusis!!!! I am so envious I might throw up.

    That might be my gallstones.

    Ali x

  13. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa way to go Kate, I have to admit I would have loved, loved to have been there. Please tell me you have a full outfit piccie, I want to see!! The top half I can see looks wonderful. And I havent seen Michelles blog for ages as I didnt knows she'd cut her hair, must go and pay a visit. Such a shame the shoes were too big, would have love to see you working those, I however do fit a 6 should your friend ever get bored of them ;-)

  14. Sounds like a fabulous affair!!! And your shots gave us just a glimpse into the glamor and pomp of the evening. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. It was so interesting to read that you don't really like shows as they make you feel like work :) It's my ultimate dream to one day attend LFW, and everyone seems to be going now, which is confusing me, because I didn't even know we count as a press :) You should have snapped you wearing the dress, that's the only thing missing from this post, which is such a sweet inside scoop- my favourit kind!:)

  16. Looks like so much fun. Jealous!

  17. How utterly GLAM. You are lucky. x

  18. Lovely Vivienne Westwood Crown

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