Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Do you have your invite to intimate fashion elitism?

Two years ago I wrote an essay about Sofia Coppola. In my research I found her swapping whose attention she had at a young age according to who was in fashion and what she was promoting. Once she mentioned Yves San Laurant another time it was a significant film person and without re-reading my essay I can't recall who it was.

I got the sense that Sofia and Marc Jacob were driven by mentionitis and discovering and admiring obscure music/artists/anything. Always the referencing to something/someone was key.

Then I read an article in the New York Times which hints at a new way of exuding exclusivity and an elitist view. This time the reference has a retrospective feel of recreating the past in all its elitist best. The masses can enjoy a youtube video afterwards. If Tom Ford is setting a new benchmark then expect a more selective viewing panel at more shows in the future.

Whilst I actually feel for fashion editors and buyers who on occasion have been sidelined by fashion bloggers and the advent of more front row celebs - I suspect that the mass marketing of designers and luxury goods has created a need to raise the bar and they have had a hand in that with unquestioning fashion editorial.

Does this bar mean that more deep breaths will be required for those not invited to certain shows? Will the public have rich heiresses or rich anyone shoved down our throats as attendees?

All that I do know is that the changes are coming and these are about redefining fashion and taste.

As Sister Wolf perceptively tweeted 'What good is fashion if EVERYONE can have it.'


  1. Dear Kate, yes I wonder who will be front row this season. Love Sister Wolf's tweet xx

  2. Love the tweet! But that picture is quite entertaining: firstly what does he have in his pocket - a gun? Secondly Tom's trousers are awfully high in the waist. Perhaps it's Simon Cowell in the front row next season? xx

  3. Helena - cashmere socks rolled and popped down there? ;)

    'Mention-itis' made me chuckle to myself too!

  4. Personally I believe it's a cycle as with most things fashion.

  5. yes, i think a lot of luxury commodity have definitely lost their luster.

    THINGS I'LL NEVER WANT: burberry printed anything, LV printed anything, CC logoed anything, a hermes birkin, a balcenciaga city, a mulberry bayswater, a proenza schouler PS1, alexander wang anything...the list goes on.

    on the other hand, i would gratefully accept Comme des Garcons anything, probably due in part that you can't find it anywhere!!

    i totally agree with you about the sophia coppola theory. this is classic Pierre Bourdieu, who you no doubt have read: "taste classifies and it classifies the classifier"

  6. annemarie - ah I love a bit of Bourdieu!!

  7. Oh Tom Ford is such a beautiful man!!
    Right anyway, yes I hate to admit it but by the time the fashion hits the shops I am already bored of seeing it. Tom had the right idea, about keeping it fresh.


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