Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Last night & Day 2 Capsule Wardrobe

Ah Mr MDS and I had such fun last night, so much so petit garcon had to don his Buzz Lightyear dressing gown and join in with 'your valentine meal'. I forgot to take a photo of the wonderful heart shaped environmentally friendly Chinese lantern we let off in to the night.

I know many have concerns about the commercially contrived nature of such a festive occasion but I love any excuse to have a party in the house even if only for two. And in reality as long as you stay at home then the money spent creates a pleasurable experience. I've never forgotten the time Mr MDS and I had been skiing and went out for a Valentine's meal as he'd thoughtfully booked it before we went away. It involved seeing people you'd rather not, many looking quite miserable and whilst you didn't have to do the washing up, it did mean you got subjected to an accordion player, Mr MDS's face was a picture.

Last night I caved in to the usual, a steak. I did lay the table which is my favourite bit.

the arrival of the steak, I made the broccoli and red onion salad

the arrival of the peppercorn sauce (au poivre) for the steak

Loved the Lanson on a school night I was so squiffy

the little plate for the petit garcon who polished off his small portions at the other end of the table whilst chatting away

dessert was homemade almond & orange muffin

I was a softie & bought Mr MDS a cashmere West Ham scarf whilst I'm still earning money

The Tiffany candlestick that were a wedding present

I was rather sluggish this morning after drinking the night before but onwards and upwards with the capsule wardrobe challenge. So today I channelled Bridget Wintour (Anna's naughty hopeless younger sister, of course she doesn't exist anywhere but in my head!). Bridget takes the primness of the dress formula so beloved by La Wintour and makes it more as if Patricia Field had got hold of her.

Bridget felt she really needed braces but made do with the belt. The light grey between boot and skirt is thigh high socks.

The belt is navy and I like how this camera angle makes my waist and hips look smaller, I'm thinking this is the new all out action pose!


  1. That steak looks tremondous and looks like you had a lovely time. I'm quite liking Bridgets outfit! PS My maiden name is Valentine, I quite miss it, Valentines Day sometimes seems to be the only time that people can make for romance so long live this special day! xx

  2. Your waist is teeny in that last photo!

    Last night's dinner looks wonderful.

  3. Your figure looks fabulous! Big hips? Pah!
    I can just imagine Mr MDS's face at the accordian player. xxx

  4. Hi my dear-yum yum, what a lovely dinner for three and your outfit is great, what a teeny waist, I do love your belt xx

  5. wow, you look like some turbo-femme action hero!

    You just need some cuffs, like the ones that deflected bullets like Wonder Woman had.

    Maybe you're really Boudica Wintour. Maybe Bridget Wintour is just your Clark Kent alias.

  6. Dinner looks yummy and I love your outfit today.
    Keep that pose!

  7. LOL @ Bridget Wintour. Love it.

  8. I don't know where to start! Do I start with how AMAZING you look? Or, do I start with how hungry this post has made me????

  9. Ooh, lady, you look cool! Sounds like a lovely Valentine's day - quite like our NYE, but with the lovely petit garcon instead of disco tunes... :) xxx

  10. Dear Kate, it looks like a great evening. I love it that you two had a romantic dinner.

    I know it's commercial and I don't go in for the pink fluffy stuff but it's nice get cards and have some time together. I can't moan because The Actor is always taking me out.

    Those candlesticks are beautiful and you look great xx

  11. I love Bridget, I think I meet her every morning!


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