Friday, 18 November 2011

High Street Pick of the Week

Stepping away from the party season and the bling, this week's focus is on jeans. Cherry jeans from Oasis to be more precise.

These jeans are a great blend of mid rise and skinny to assist any fears of muffin top with a lower rise cut. I stumbled across them after many a years absence from jeans purchasing as I suddenly became desperate for a pair of dark blue skinnies. Forgiving and flattering they fit like a glove. Don't forget Oasis have 20% off with TEMPTYOU20 code until midnight Sunday.

Now I'm on a skinny jean roll I've got my beady eyes on these dark green ones - will look great for wearing to the cinema to see Arthur Christmas with the petit garcon - a step too far really!


  1. I love skinny jeans and anything that can prevent a muffin top is a plus for me. I'll place these on my shopping list for Christmas!xx

  2. They're superb, not a step too far at all!


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