Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Dress 9 of a dress a day under £100

Today I'm stepping away from black and the high street and back to the joy of second hand clobber. Yes yes I know you want me to say 'vintage darling' but I like the words 'jumble sale' and 'second hand' much more than 'vintage' and 'thrift'.

I've never been a fashion snob nor the fashion police and happily have a broad church of shopping approach to clothes. Nothing and nowhere is off limits. My only criteria is do I love it and do I like the material. One of the benefits of second hand garments is often the superior quality and the fact the item is unique in the current climate of mass market shopping.

This dress is a party wow number, the lovely material has a nice colour depth, texture and pattern.  It is also perfectly current and under £100 at £75.


  1. Hi my dear!! Great minds think alike, I found a secondhand LBD yesterday and will feature it on my next post, its never to late to find that perfect Christmas season dress! Love Ms Peelpants hot pink number too, a gorgeous vintage! xx

  2. perfect, love it !!! I always luck out with vintage ...

  3. The trouble with the word "vintage" is that it's become a trendy buzzword and almost a snobbish label in it's own right.
    Second-hand buys are the only thing in my wardrobe, they're often unique and there's very little chance you'll ever attend the same party in the same outfit.

  4. Smashing frock!

    I love anything that's a beautiful bargain - regardless of the label!

    Ali x

  5. I totally forgot to say thank you over here!!! xx

  6. I love their playful take on this new trend. I especially love all the bright colored prom dresses from ycdress and dressesforbest


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