Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Fantasty red dress & ring

It's my birthday so today all reality is suspended. I will be purchasing (in my head) my perfect combination of a red dress and a ring. I would live in a dress every day if my lifestyle allowed me. I'm a simple person but have expensive tastes - haven't we all!

I will be having a nice birthday lunch and I'll probably be wearing whatever I find in the wardrobe instead of my true destination to wear to the following!!


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  2. Happy Birthday! I love Wendy's ring. x

  3. Hi my dear!! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, of course the dress and ring are perfect picks xx

  4. Hoping you enjoy a very happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! Wow that dress and ring are amazing, I wish you could have them for your birthday. Hope you went somewhere fabulous for your birthday lunch. xx

  6. Happy Birthday, Kate! I hope you enjoyed your day, whatever you wore.


  7. Happy Birthday! All of the dresses are beautiful but this one is my favorite. I'm kind of into to red.

    In general though, dresses are a bit of a dilemma as most don't flatter me. A-line dresses do, but they're hard to find, and even those seem not to have the slimming effect of separates. I'm probably a top and pencil skirt person for the duration unless there's a dress version out there some where.

  8. Oh a simple person with expensive tastes.... that sounds a little too much like me---


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