Thursday, 3 November 2011

Button up

The best way to rework old dresses languishing in the wardrobe is to layer up and down. Take an old favourite not this season shift dress, put a long sleeve item underneath, preferably one with colour or print. Alternatively invest in a piece of Armery from the Mary Portas shop at House of Fraser.Then depending on the style of the dress you can add a skinny belt in a metallic or patent finish. M&S have some metallic skinny belts for £6.00. I've selected both these items as House of Fraser and M&S have a great collect from store system and this is a wonderful way of getting something to you without the expense of postal costs. Your next decision is hosiery, go colourful in a high denier, bared legs or a very light denier say 10 or 8 in black.

The top bit of layering is the cardigan. This can be worn with the skinny belt over or under the cardigan. It is entirely up to you and based on your preference. You can use your eye to decide yeah or nay! I've selected 5 cardigans under £50 which I think you can purchase and use again and again. Make your selection on the basis of what you love, what you can keep, what you will wear and wear again.


  1. I have been experimenting with Summer-Autumn layering. Simply because I have lots of summer dresses but fewer winter ones! Layering a cardie UNDER is something i hadn't thought of before, I will definitely try it- after all the sleeves are the main bit on show.

    I use long-sleeve blouses in the same way, it creates a pinafore look which is good for work but layered and warm too.

  2. It's usually not cool enough here in Northern CA to layer, but it is cool enough today and I'll be wearing a light wool jacket for a full day in San Francisco.

    The emerald knitted bead jacket is very pretty.

  3. I love neat cardigans, being short, the big baggy ones don't do me any favours. The leopard print one is amazing.

  4. I've been getting my cost per wear by wearing all my summer silk dresses layered with merino wool cardigans from Uniqlo, opaque tights etc.

  5. Hi my dear!! fab tips and based on my current post, have to love the leopard print on offer here! x


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